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Scottish New Year – Hogmanay Style!

There are many different ways to spend New Year.

You could go all on backpacker and spend it in the sun on Bondi Beach, Australia.

You could head to America and see it in with the bright lights of New York.

Or you could even opt for an alternative new year in the UK and hit up Scotland for Hogmanay!

Hogmanay is a pretty big deal in Scotland, especially in places like Edinburgh and there’s heaps to see and do. So here’s my Hogmanay To Do List.

  • Eat some haggis! Going out for a pre Hogmanay dinner is a must, get that stomach lined before the drinking commences! And you can’t get much more traditional than the dish of Haggis! I won’t go into detail about it, but try it before you read about it’s contents!
  • Have a wee dram of whiskey! If you’re seeing in the new year in Scotland then it wouldn’t be fitting to do it with anything other than a glass of fine scotch whiskey.
  • Check out the fireworks of Edinburgh. Scotlands capital is where the main party is at and the fireworks display is well reknowned.
  • Party in the capital. Alongside the epic firework display Edinburgh also puts on a massive free concert, showcasing the best of Scotland, get there early for the best seats though!
  • Check out the warmup Torchlight Procession. On Dec 29th 12,000 cary flaming torches through the capital and burn a viking logboat, what crazier way to get the party started?!
  • Keep the fire going. In Stonehaven the tradition is after the midnight bells to hurl balls of flaming chicken wire down the main high street or run with them swinging above your head! Crazy times!
  • Sing “Auld Lang Syne”. It’s pretty common across the UK but even more so in Scotland – dust off those vocal chords and join in the song!
  • First Foot. A slightly more mellow Scottish tradition is to be the first foot across a persons doorstep. For extra bonus points make sure you bring gifts for the host!

Scotland is definately one of the best places to see in the new year, heaps of good times, good vibes and of course a good lashing of alcohol for good measure!
Whether you opt to see in the new year in a pub or in the thick of the street parties that fill the north of the UK you’re sure to have a blast!

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