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Scotland – It Might Just Surprise You

You say Scotland, and what comes to mind? A few green moors and some castles? But take a closer look, explore the country that has become engulfed in history everywhere you visit, famous for it’s Highland games and beautiful scenic walking destinations, visit Scotland this year for a wide variety of things to see and do.


Treating Yourself

Scotland is renowned for the quality of fresh foods it creates, with the British weather lending a hand, this variety of rain and sunshine provides Scottish habitats with the tools to grow high quality natural foods. If food history is your thing, then look no further – Scotland is the proud home to 16 Michelin-starred restaurants, each with a unique twist on their mark on the taste of Scotland. Still not satisfied? Well, Scotland is also known for their farmers markets, a chance to take a short stroll into a nearby town or village, with the chance to try and buy fresh local produce. Freshly caught muscles, the famous haggis dish, or simply some of the purified Scottish whisky, this bound to tackle your taste-buds on what is a short and informative excursion.


Getting Out There

Scotland doesn’t just offer up your normal festivals or exhibitions, the country is dazzled in historical importance, and if you don’t notice it, well then your in the wrong place! Folk festivals are a chance to do something different, warm welcomes and friendly faces are always on show, with the festivals offering you the chance to try something new, whether it be traditional folk dancing, or treating yourself to a scotch whisky on a blustery night to warm yourself up.

The country is also no stranger to art, with their love especially in traditional architecture, pop along to a local art exhibition to understand just how much there is to the country. Scottish art has been renowned for it’s inclusion of ancient history, with a number of artefacts taken from the Age of the Vikings.


A Unique Experience

There is plenty yo keep you busy here, with the chance to explore a range of differing attractions all over the country.  Take yourself 2150ft into the clifftops s you ride the Nevis Range Mountain Cable Car, take on the challenge if you can handle the heights and the benefits are amaing. Discover beautiful scenic views over Aoanach Mor, as you take in that refreshing mountain air on your way.

Something a little more family-friendly that I recommend is the Tain Pottery centre, allowing visitors to wonder freely around the renovated farm steading, which sits alone as it looks over the gorgeous Highland landscape.  All pottery you see has been made by hand, with the pottery’s design using inspiration from the Scottish national emblem. As the parents wonder off to take a further look into the pottery’s history on hourly tours, the kids are encouraged to get messy as they become inspired by the beautiful scenery that surrounds them.

There really is something for everyone here, take the time to explore the country, do something you never thought you would do – because Scotland of all places can conjure up a hell of surprises!


Sports and Activities

Scotland isn’t famous for lounging around, the possibilities are endless whilst your staying here. Try your luck on the brilliant coastal paths, whether you walk or cycle – there is never a moment where the view is spoiled. The chance to tackle the choppy Scottish waves is a chance worth taking, as a day on the seas can offer up some glorious views providing you’ve got the weather for it. Or perhaps a day out on the golf course is more your choice, Scotland is home to the world-famous St Andrews and traditional Muirfield golf courses, a perfect chance for you to boast back at the golf club once you’ve stepped out onto their greens. Obviously, the course isn’t open to be played on, but visitors have the chance to be taken on a tour of the venue.


There really is a chance to do anything here in Scotland, whether it be taking on white water rafting on the nippy Scottish waters or snuggling up with a cup of tea as you look out onto the Highland moors. And with super cheap internal flight in the UK and easy to sort Edinburgh airport parking theres no excuse not too! Whether you park your car at Bristol airport parking and head up from the south west or nip over from Ireland it’s all here waiting for you, with a strand of brilliant shopping experiences in the high end of retail, the main cities allow you to venture out and treat yourself.

Likewise, Scotland is a proud country when it comes to their local produce – you’ve got the opportunity to bring back a piece of Scotland, as market holders often line the streets to sell hand-made gifts. Go on, take a chance on Scotland.

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