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Saturday Showcase – The Wanderlust Project

7N5TQ7B8N4KU So last week the self proclaimed chocolate covered nymph from Reclaiming My Future told us tales of biscuit obsessions and romance on the road – she’s set the bar high for entertainment so let me introduce her next nomination; Sheryll from The Wanderlust Project…

So lets get started! Who are you and what’s your story?!

I’m Sheryll, the blogger over at The Wanderlust Project. I’m 24, graduated from Florida State University, and getting ready to embark upon the biggest adventure of my life.

After working as a receptionist at a talent agency in LA, I realized I wanted something more out of life. I was knee deep in a quarterlife crisis, not knowing which direction I should take in my life. I started reading other travel blogs, realizing that I too could travel the world and not spend a ton of money. Soon after, The Wanderlust Project was born and my amazing adventure was planned!

Your countdown timer is ticking down nicely – tell us about your next adventure…

On November 15, I leave Los Angeles, CA to London. My boyfriend and I bought one way tickets, coming back whenever our money runs out. We originally planned on going to Buenos Aires, but we saw a ticket to London at a price we just couldn’t let go. We’re planning on living in Paris for a few months, and traveling from there. I’m so excited to be back in my favorite city in the world.

Tell us a bit about your back garden per say – any hidden gems to see and do?

Los Angeles is a wonderful place, if you don’t mind a bit of traffic and smog! The weather here is gorgeous year round, and it’s partly the reason I’ve stayed here for so long. Of course, LA is home to many Hollywood stars, so there’s always the chance of seeing some actor/actress or musician (if you’re in to that sort of thing).

My favorite area would have to be Santa Monica. You have gorgeous beaches, wonderful food and amazing shopping.

Everyone I take to Santa Monica is blown away! Plus you can’t beat all the of delicious mexican food here. Margarita happy hour anyone?!

I’ve got to ask about your bf’s job too – simply through being nosey – what’s that like!?

Johnny is a stuntman/stunt coordinator/bartender. When he’s not bartending, he’s choreographing fight scenes for local webisodes and short films. He also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is currently studying Hapkido and Brazilian JiuJitsu. Needless to say, I think I’m in good hands when I travel with him! He doesn’t mind having to kick someone’s ass!

Dig through the archives and try to pick out your favourite travel photo – what’s the story behind it?

My favorite travel photo would have to be of the random diving board in the middle of the ocean in Rhodes, Greece. It was SO bizarre for me to see a diving board just hangin’ out. It was a gorgeous shot; I’m so happy I got to take it without all the other tourists around.

Sadly I don’t how swim (I’m completely terrified of deep water), so I didn’t have the opportunity to swim out to it, but plenty of my friends went out enjoyed jumping off.

A bit of vanity…what’s your favourite post and why?

My favorite post would have to be “Scratch that Quarterlife Crisis, it’s a Quarterlife Discovery“. The post was a real turning point in my life, where I realized it’s okay to take this unconventional path of travel. I had suffered through a terrible depression, and this post was like breath of fresh air in my life. It makes me really proud to see how far I’ve come.

What’s your biggest inspiration for exploring the world?

Honestly, my biggest inspiration would have to be Anthony Bourdain. I have a fond place in my heart for foul mouthed men who enjoy all types of food. Everytime I watch his show, I just want to drive to LAX and hop on the next plane out of the US!

And finally who do you want to nominate for next week, any particular reason you chose them?!

I nominate Tricia from In Search of Mermaids. She and I are sweet besties and she just got back from spending a month in my favorite city: PARIS!

Cheers to Sheryll for taking part and passing on the torch. If you want to here more about her travels and follow her upcoming trip hit up her twitter feed – @wnderlustproject – her Facebook Page and of course her blog – www.thewanderlustproject.com

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