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Saturday Showcase – In The Words of Kezsta

Due a technical mess up on the email front we won’t be hearing from Michaels nomination Ayngelina until next Saturday – but I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce the misses (who also guest posts for me and is mentioned rather a lot!) she blogs too so let me formally introduce Kez….

So, for those who don’t already know – who are you?!

Hey, I’m Kez… writer of ‘In The Word’s Of Kez…’ blog, tweeter under the name of @kezisms, artist officially titled Kerri Finlayson and not forgetting being the other half of the curly headed surfer – Chris.

So where are you at the mo and what’s the plan? 

I’m currently at home which belongs in the bonnie hills of Scotland! As much as I’m proud to be Scottish, I have the itch to travel all over again after an amazing year in Australia last year, and this time I plan to venture on an official RTW this time round. Hitting up South America, Tahiti, NZ, hopefully a visit back to Oz, then onto SE Asia on the way home (if this ever happens!).

Be honest, what’s it like travelling with me?!

Travelling with a man, as you’d probably imagine is tough at the best of times, but all the same, us women are just as terrible to contend with! Travelling with Chris is like travelling with my best mate, he knows what I’m like, I can be myself with him (there are NO boundaries in the van!), the most important thing though is that he makes me smile and I love him for that :) plus, thankfully he is 100times more relaxed than me… which helps when I stress – a lot!

Linking back to my article on surfers as travellers, what’s it like travelling with one – upsides and downs?

The main downside of travelling with a surfer is that you can’t spend too much time away from the coast, cause they will soon turn grumpy and need their salt water therapy. You do not want to be in close contact with a surfer who hasn’t had their weekly intake – it’s not a pretty sight!

The plus side though for myself, apart from loving to explore all parts of a country is that I love the beach. I am more than happy to spend days laying on the sand – painting, reading, watching the world go by – while the boy gets his fix.

You clearly love your art – how’s your travelling inspired it?

When I was travelling I wanted to get back into my art – it was something I admittedly neglected after college – however there was one place that really pushed me to get my paintbrush back out and get creative. That place was Byron Bay. It’s the most stunning place I have ever been to! The town is full of culture and creativity and I wanted to be part of it! Since then I’ve gradually grown my collection and have even started selling pieces to fund my travels. My dream is to keep painting around the world.

Any tips for any arty types on the road and how to make some dollar?!

If you’re yet to hit the road, I’d say to maybe start up a small collection of pieces (paintings/drawings/sketches etc). At least that way you’ve got a head start and people can see what you’ve created and possibly make a purchase!

If you’re currently on the road, it’s fairly easy to ask the locals where to get some cheap materials, and once you’ve got your hands on them, get into it. If you find a popular spot to get arty, you might find you’ll attract attention to what you’re doing and start selling!

Out of all your travel images what’s your favourite and why?

I took forever trying to pick a photo that captured my love of Byron. I chose this one purely because it was my favourite part of the day in this beautiful quaint town – sunset. I could happily sit down at the beach watching the sun setting over the stunning horizon and feel so peaceful. I have many memories of Oz, but this is the one that makes me smile most.

Shameless plug time – what’s your favourite blog post?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Byron will always be part of me and one day I’ll get back there. “I Heart Byron Bay” was a piece I wrote on why I loved this place, I could literally go on forever till I’m blue in the face, and I still wouldn’t give it justice!

But on a subject other than travel – as my blog covers more than just my travels – here is my favourite “highly opinionated” piece “Apple Stole My Boyfriend!”. Seriously, Apple not only has loads of money, but they also take your men off you!

 And finally what are your top 3 bloggers/tweeters to follow?

First up straight talking Toni of www.reclaimingmyfuture.com and fellow tweeter by the name of @toniwonitravels who went against what her family didn’t want her to do by biting the bullet on solo travelling!

Next up – fellow Bucket List enthusiast – Jennifer of www.scarletwonderland.com and tweets through @jenniferbnixon – Bucket Lists are the way to go!

Last but not least – Paul of www.mypostcardfrom.com an awesome idea to get as many postcards from around the world from fellow travellers/locals… follow him too @mypostcardfrom

Cheers for Kez for filling in at such short notice – much appreciated! Hopefully the usual format will be back to normal next week – but knowing my organisational skills at the moment it could be a challenge!

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