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review welcome to travel melbourne working holiday visa australia

REVIEW: Welcome To Travel Working Holiday Visa Australia Package (Inc Discount Code)

Looking for a working holiday visa Australia package? Here’s my full review of the 8 Day Welcome To Travel Melbourne Working Holiday Visa Package, inc discount code!

A working holiday visa in Australia is the perfect way to travel top up your funds and discover more of what makes Oz such an incredible place to explore.
My working holiday visa Australia experience kickstarted my travels and is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
But I also know how daunting moving to the other side of the world can be and the amount of stuff you need to sort when you land to get the ball rolling so to speak.
So when my buddies Darryl and Adam invited me to check out their Welcome To Travel Melbourne Working Holiday Visa Package I decided to see how easy they’ve made it for people to kickstart their year down under…


REVIEW: Welcome To Travel Working Holiday Visa Australia Package

What Is Welcome To Travel Melbourne?

Simply put it’s an 8 day Melbourne working holiday visa package aimed to kickstart your trip to Australia and help you settle into life down under whilst making some new travel buddies along the way.


What’s Included?

Pretty much everything you’ll need for an epic start to your time in Australia! The full 8 day tour  includes the following;

  • Airport pickup
  • 7 nights accommodation (shared dorm) – 6 in Melbourne, 1 on Philip Island
  • Expert guides
  • Surf lesson
  • Wildlife experiences (including koalas and kangaroos!)
  • Wine tasting
  • Bank and Tax File Number setup
  • Job help
  • Some meals (including all your can eat dumplings in China Town!)
  • Ongoing support in Australia


Working Holiday Visa Essentials

welcome to melbourne working holiday visa australia
Getting The Boring But Essential Stuff Sorted!

If you’re heading to Australia for the year then having the Welcome To Travel Melbourne working holiday visa inclusions are going to be something that saves you a lot of stress.

So what do they get all sorted for you?

  • Australia SIM card
  • Australia bank account setup
  • Tax file number
  • Help with Medicare cards

Not only do they help with all that lot but a work chat is also part of the week, where they’ll chat through the best ways to find work in Australia – including Facebook groups and websites.

As well as helping out with CVs and using their extensive network of contacts and farmwork contacts to give you a jump start on the job hunt.


The Guides

I’ll be totally honest with this – I personally know the founder Darryl and Adam, who I met during my own time working and travelling around Australia and when they told me they were launching Welcome To Travel I knew they were going to bring something epic to the table!

Both of them are great personalities and the amount of knowledge they have about living, working and travelling around Australia is insane – so even if I hadn’t gone to Melbourne for this trip I could’ve happily told you you were going to be in good hands!

You might recognise them too actually – they’re video “Things Never Said By Backpackers” has clocked up over 14 million views on Facebook!




Exploring Melbourne

welcome to melbourne working holiday visa australia
Darryl Showing Us Around Hosier Lane

Although I’ve visited Melbourne twice before I feel like I had a very superficial experience of the city – but the Welcome To Travel Melbourne tour gave me a much more in depth look and I felt like I really experienced the true vibe of the city from a locals perspective.

As well as things like a city walking tour and exploring the street art laneways it was the insider knowledge that really stood out for me – such as the cheapest places to grab lunch (who knew you could get a toastie and a coffee in the city centre for just $5?!) or the best local bars to hit up – which is the kind of things you’ll want to know if you’re spending some serious time there!

The places they’ve included in their itinerary – such as the meal at HopHaus, drinks at Ferdydurke and Mill House or even stuffing your face with amazing dumplings in China Town – really showcase the best of what Melbourne has to offer.


2 Day City Escape

welcome to melbourne working holiday visa australia
Yeewww Philip Island Is EPIC!

The highlight of the whole week for me though had to be the 2 day city escape – surprise surprise!

You’ll bounce out of Melbourne itself and head across to Philip Island via Mornington Peninsular where you’ll tick off heaps of Aussie bucket list items.

Wine tasting, cuddling a koala, feeding kangaroos, chilling on the beach and learning to surf are all packed into this mini trip. 

The stand out experience though has to be the penguin parade on Philip Island – where each evening at sunset up to 300 tiny fair penguins (yes Australia has penguins) dash up the beach to their burrows for the night…super cute!

I’d actually never visited either of these spots and Philip Island really got under my skin – I’d love to head back there again sometime for a longer stay.


Setting You Up For Your Dream Journey

welcome to melbourne working holiday visa australia
Our Melbourne Crew!

The final part of the Welcome To Travel Melbourne week is a one on one chat with the team to help you continue on on your own personal journey in Australia and answer any other questions you might have.

For some people that was advice on renting apartments in the city, some more advice on looking for jobs or for others it was help booking up their dream East Coast trip. Many of the group ended up travelling together after which was awesome to see!

This section is really tailored to everyone as an individual and the advice Darryl, Adam and the team bring to the table is invaluable so feel free to ask them anything and make the most of it.

The support doesn’t stop their either – the team are always on hand throughout your time in Oz to help out with anything you can think of, so it’s much more than just a week of help and off you go!


So Do I Love Melbourne Now?!

welcome to melbourne working holiday visa australia
Ok Melbourne, You’re Not Too Bad!

Admittedly I haven’t been the biggest fan of Melbourne on my last 2 visits and the fact I’m not a city person didn’t really help matters. If you were to ask what I rated Melbourne out of 10 before my week with Welcome To Travel I’d have said 2.5

…and they knew that they had their work cut out to convince me, so they pretty much invited me along to test themselves I think!

However, I’m stoked to say they did an incredible job of showcasing the best of what Melbourne has to offer and I’d now honestly say I’d rate it 7.5 out of 10, which I’d say is high praise coming from this barefoot beach bum!

The bottom line is that if you’re heading to Australia on a working holiday visa not only is Melbourne a great place to get started but the crew of Welcome To Travel Melbourne will definitely kickstart the whole experience for you and come highly recommended.


What’s The Cost?

The 8 day Welcome To Travel Melbourne Package will set you back $899AUD (£517) which personally I think is a great investment for what it sets you up for and the overall experience you’ll have.

Sure there are cheaper ways to start your time in Australia, but the knowledge you’ll be able to tap into along with the new buddies you’ll make as part of the trip are well worth it.

Plus as an added bonus save $50 on any start date over at RTW Backpackers using the code WELCOME50



Thinking of booking a working holiday visa Australia package?

Where are you starting your adventure?

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