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REVIEW; Six Flag Magic Mountain

Whilst kicking about in LA I decided to get fully involved in the mass media and entertainment that attracts so many people – after looking through my options I narrowed it down to Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Disneyland.

Feeling relatively flush and having a good amount of time on my hand I decided to hit up all 3!

First up I decided to head to Six Flags.

I’d chosen this particular theme park to start with because after relaxing by the pool in the beaming sun for a few days I was in dire need to an adrenaline fix, and a rollercoaster park was bound to fill that void!

Even more so considering I’d never set foot on a rollercoaster before!

Anyhow – me and the guys made sure we got to the park nice and early. We knew from our research that the place was bound to get busy and the last thing we wanted to do was spend hours queuing and not get to try all the rides we wanted too.

On entering the site the sheer scale of the place was outstanding – it literally stretched on forever and was filled with every size, height, speed and type of rollercoaster you could imagine; from the worlds highest wooden rollercoaster through to the kiddy rides!

With each of them you had the option to join one of two lines – the normal first come first served line or the “I only want to sit in the front line”, naturally we opted for the front seat option. But equally natural was the fact this one was always packed.

It was well worth it though!

After popping my rollercoaster cherry on the “Batman” which was one of the ‘dangling’ variety (where you are suspended and the track lies above you) I was hooked – it was exactly the hit I was needing after my days of self indulgence!

The detail and marketing that went into each ride was of particular interest to me as a member of the media – they were detailed to the last finishing touch and all situated in their own ‘areas’ which reflected the theme. This level of detail made the whole thing an incredibly immersive experience and really set the tone for the whole day. We lived breathed and ate rollercoasters for the day!

The highlight for me was undoubtedly experiencing the ‘Superman’ – a ride which takes you from 0-100mph before sending you up a vertical wall, and then back again in reverse!

It provided an incredible rush and was worth all the hype dotted around the park. It was also worth the 2 hour wait to get on the thing – something I swore I wouldn’t do!

But when pier pressure is used, a fear of heights is factored in and a man on man bet is made there’s some things you just have to do!

Price wise it was a great investment for a solid days fun. $60 does seem pretty steep but you can easily keep yourself entertained from the time the park opens to the time they kick out!

The only downside is the inevitable captive audience cost with regards to food and drink. We were sensible enough to plan for this and took a whole heap of snacks and drinks to make sure we didn’t rupture money on overpriced burgers and snack food!

First park down and a great day out – it set the bar for the next parks pretty high! But after a good nights sleep I was ready for round 2…

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