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review santosha yoga instructor training course uluwatu bali training (7 of 7)

REVIEW: Santosha Yoga Instructor Training Course, Bali

Looking at becoming a yoga instructor? Well here’s everything you need to know about going your 200 hour yoga instructor qualification with Santosha Yoga in Bali!

Becoming a yoga instructor is something I’ve been keen to tick off my bucket list for a few years now, so when I got the opportunity to complete my Level 1 Yoga Instructor Training with Santosha Yoga in the tropical paradise of Bali I jumped at the chance to get my namaste on the go.

So if you’re looking to become a yoga instructor here’s my run down of what the course involves, how I found the whole thing and a why I picked the Santosha Yoga Instructor Course in Bali in the first place!


Review: Santosha Yoga Instructor Training Course, Bali


review santosha yoga instructor training course uluwatu bali training (3 of 7)

Why did I Want to become a yoga teacher?

I’ve been practicing yoga for years and wanted to further my knowledge as well as be able to share my knowledge with others.

I also travel a lot around the world and being a yoga teacher opens up a lot of opportunities for work and travelling as there are yoga retreats in every corner of the globe!

For me yoga is like Chris’ surfing – something I’m always keen to indulge in wherever I go, be that on my own to relax or as part of a group retreat to meet some new people.


Why Did I Pick Bali?

After practicing yoga through Central America all I could think about was which country would benefit my everyday needs. India was an option but after hearing people’s stories about how amazing Bali was I had a gut feeling that’s where I needed to be. Plus I got to surf in between yoga classes which was a win win for me. Bali also had a lot of veggie options for vegetarians!


What Drew Me To Santosha Yoga?

I spent months researching which place I wanted to do my teacher training course and when I came across the Santosha site I immediately knew it was the winner.

The website itself drew me in and I loved the passion behind the owner and teachers view on yoga. They stay true to the origin of what yoga is and its in walking distance of Uluwatu or Cangguu for surf! I was constrained by dates which meant Uluwatu was my only option in the end, but for those who are a bit more flexible you have a choice!


review santosha yoga instructor training course uluwatu bali training (2 of 7)Where Did I Stay?

The base for the Santosha course in Uluwatu is Yoga Searcher but one of the added advantages of choosing Santosha was the fact accommodation didn’t come as part of the package and I could therefore choose something which suited my budget

I’ll be honest, I am a broke backpacker that doesn’t need much in life and as much as I wanted to stay at Yoga Searcher I just didn’t have the cash.

However I found this terrific hotel called Ashana just a minutes walk up the road from it. It had a pool and my boyfriend and I were able to get a private cottage (including a garden) for a fraction of what Yoga Searcher cost! A few of the other yoga students stayed there as well. If you do opt for the Uluwatu course there are plenty of accommodation options available.


review santosha yoga instructor training course uluwatu bali training (1 of 7)What Was A ‘Normal’ Day Like At Santosha Yoga?

I hope you’re a morning person because you’ll be starting class at 5:30 am!

At first it was a struggle for me but for the first two hours of the day you’re doing asana which is an amazing way to start the day.

Although each day was different the main chunk of it was spent learning postures and techniques followed by meditation, health knowledge, and singing (which was my favorite part)!

If you’re intrigued about the full details of the course the breakdown can be found on this link.

Also I think it’s important to mention here that this ISN’T a yoga retreat, this course is all about learning how to teach. So if you’re just looking to relax and practice this might not be for you!


What Level Of Yoga Do You Need To Enroll To Become An Santosha Yoga Instructor??

You can be a newbie to yoga and still come out knowing everything you need, although I’d recommend having a certain amount of yoga knowledge to really make the most of your time there.

The instructors are wonderful and cover all the basics and more. You get several manuals that teach you postures and how to do them correctly.

The course really sets you up to become the best  instructor possible.


review santosha yoga instructor training course uluwatu bali training (7 of 7)What Do You Get At The End Of The Course & What Does That Mean?

After you finish the Level 1- 200 hour course you’ll be able to teach beginner and independent yoga classes.

Remember to start small, go home and teach friends and family to get your teaching down then progress to some yoga classes! And don’t worry about all the small details on how to start up your own yoga studio, the instructors will go over everything to prepare you!


How Did I Find The Santosha Yoga Instructor Course?

review santosha yoga instructor training course uluwatu bali training (6 of 7)It was a wonderful and a once in a lifetime experience.

I won’t sugar coat it though, there were times where it was rough and I felt exhausted and burnt out but I keep going because I had the support of all the beautiful women and men in the course. We bonded together and for the first time in my life I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

I felt I could be me and push myself to be stronger and better.

The instructors were beyond epic, a little shout out to them for pushing us in the right direction and their love and support that turned a whole class of talented people into becoming yoga instructors, you guys rock! Just remember not to push yourself too hard and when you feel like you are drained don’t be afraid to share your concerns with the instructors, they are very understanding.


When Do The Courses Run?

It’s a three and a half week program that runs every month or so. Check online to see which time slot best suits you. There are two locations in Bali, one in Canggu and the other in Uluwatu.


What Does It Cost?

The Level 1 Yoga Instructor Training Course cost $2890AUD (roughly £1450) so it’s a pretty big chunk of cash to throw down, but you can secure your spot with a deposit too. Lets face it though you gain a world wide recognised qualification that allows you to teach in some amazing places, so it’s a good investment in living the dream!

Santosha also offer a payment plan to help spread the cost so you don’t need to pay it all off in one single chunk.

Also keep in mind that it doesn’t include any accommodation, so you’ll need to budget for that too. My stay at Ashana Hotel was around £20 per night (although this was split with Chris which helped my budget!) but there are a range of hotels and hostels around the area.

If you’re keen to book your spot they now offer courses in Canggu and Nusa Lembongan – you can book your yoga instructor course over at Epic Gap Year.


review santosha yoga instructor training course uluwatu bali training (4 of 7)So Would I Recommend It?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I’ve already been expressing how much fun it was to my friends and I’d have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking to gain their Instructor qualification.

Over all the course was beyond epic.

I finally know how to do yoga postures correctly without injuring myself or others (which is always a good thing!). I also made some new life long friends that I can’t wait to see again while traveling. If you feel scared or nervous that you wont fit in or belong just take that thought and toss it out the window because this course made me feel wanted, loved and a part of a family.

Also be prepared to receive lots of hugs and happiness!


review santosha yoga instructor training course uluwatu bali training (7 of 7)

PLEASE NOTE; I received a free course as part of my collaboration with Santosha Yoga, but rest assured all opinions are honest and my own.


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