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mojo surf bali island hopper surf tour surf camp nusa lembongan lombok red island java canggu

REVIEW – Mojo Surf Bali Island Hopper Surf Tour (Inc Discount Code!)

Want to learn to surf in Bali? Well here’s how I got on on the Mojo Bali Island Hopper Surf tour covering Bali, Lombok and Nusa Lembongan…

Learning to surf should be on everyones travel bucket list and hitting the waves in Bali and Indonesia is a solid place to get started.

So I jumped on the 8 Day Tropical Island Hopper Surf Tour with the crew of Mojo Surf Bali, to score some waves across Bali, Lombok and Nusa Lembongan and see if it’s the perfect way to learn to surf in Indonesia and enjoy some awesome island vibes!


REVIEW – Mojo Surf Bali Island Hopper Surf Tour

Where Do You Go?

The biggest draw to the Mojo Indo trips over a set surf camp in Bali is the fact that you learn to surf over a few different locations, which means you get to explore a bit more of Indonesia, surf some new breaks and bounce around a bit more.

Canggu (1 Night)

This super hipster part of Bali offers up black sand beaches, a variety of beach bars and laid back vibes, a great alternative spot to start your Bali trip instead of Kuta!

Lombok (2 Nights)

mojo surf bali island hopper surf tour surf camp nusa lembongan lombok red island java canggu
Stopping at Canggu, Lombok and Nusa Lembongan

Less developed than Bali this island offers more laid back vibes and the sleepy surf village of Gerupuk is the perfect spot to unwind, with amazing ocean views. You’ll also head into the town of Kuta Lombok for an evening to explore the markets, enjoy a sunset beer on the beach and a group dinner out. Here you’ll grab a boat out to spots like Don Dons and Insides – deep reef with awesome shoulder sections for learners.

Nusa Lembongan (4 nights)

Just 30mins off the coast of Bali Nusa Lembongan has all the charm of an island paradise but with enough atmosphere to want to stay the extra few nights (as opposed to the 6 day tour!). Here you’ll surf the inside shoulder of Lacerations, which is more powerful than the breaks on Lombok and bit shallower, but still heaps of fun.

One of the highlights of your stay on Nusa Lembongan thought will definitely be swimming with manta rays – an epic way to spend the morning!

If you’re just starting learning to surf the single session per day will probably be enough to tire you out and you’ll have plenty of free time to explore the surrounding area or party.

On Lombok other activities are pretty limited as it’s a super small surf village, but on Nusa Lembongan you have the option to go scuba diving, hire mopeds, grab a back massage or simply chill by the pool and top up your tan.

Red Island, Java (An Alternative Route)

Mojo Bali also have another surf trip option which covers Canggu, Nusa Lembongan and Red Island in Java, which is an 8 day surf tour and includes 4 nights at Red Island.

Their Red Island Surf Camp is an awesome little spot, with an uncrowded, beach break which is ideal for beginner surfers but still offers plenty of option for intermediates too. If you’re looking to explore somewhere more off the beaten track and want a more laid back surf camp vibe this is a great option to check out too.


Mojo Surf Bali Inclusions

So what’s included on your Mojo Surf Bali Tour?

This is for the 8 Day Tropical Island Hopper Tour

  • 7 nights accommodation (shared dorm)
  • Transport throughout (mini bus and ferries) including return transfer to Bali
  • Internal flight from Bali to Lombok
  • Manta ray snorkel trip on Nusa Lembongan (although spotting them isn’t guranteed!)
  • 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 8 dinners
  • Daily surf lesson
  • Surf equipment throughout (board and rash vest)
  • Western guide throughout

Although all your meals are included they have a set Mojo Surf Menu in select restaurants at each location for you to pick from with food option ranging from local dishes to pizza and pasta.

You’ll need to make sure you budget for drinks and snacks – the amount you’ll spend really depends on how much you’re partying but expect to around £10-15 extra per day if you’re enjoying a few sunset beers and massages!


The Accommodation

As with my recent experience on the TruTravels Bali Tour Mojo Surf Bali have got some pretty awesome accommodation throughout.

mojo surf bali island hopper surf tour surf camp nusa lembongan lombok red island java canggu
The New Mojo Bali Canggu Surf Camp

In Canggu you’ll be staying at the new Mojo Surf Camp – which comes complete with pool, A/C, breakfast and is a short walk from some a variety of restaurants and beaches in Canggu. It’s only been open less than a month (as of July 2017!) so it’s sparkling new and well geared up for travellers.

Then on Lombok you’ll wake up to incredible ocean views across Gerupuk Bay. Admittedly the hotel here isn’t as polished as the other spots you stay at but the views certainly make up for it! Again you can expect A/C, a varied food menu (including both Western and local dishes) and enjoy a few beers whilst playing pool!

mojo surf bali island hopper surf tour surf camp nusa lembongan lombok red island java canggu
Stunning Views Over Lombok

The final stop on Nusa Lembongan was certainly my favourite though and the Mojo Surf Camp here ticks all the boxes!

Infinity pool with ocean views and a bar/restaurant which overlooks all the surf spots – so you can wake up early and check the waves or finish the day with a cold Bintang watching the sunset into the ocean.

Mojo Surf Indo will be launching a surf and stay option here pretty soon too – so if you’d like to just sit tight in paradise and score some epic waves on Nusa Lembongan watch this space!


Learning To Surf

If you’re looking to learn to surf in Bali or Indonesia then the Mojo Surf Bali trip includes daily lessons with their local surf guides – who know all the surf spots inside out!

From the beach break of Seminyak on the first day through to the reefs of Lombok and Nusa Lembongan you’ll surf a variety of waves which will hopefully help build your surf knowledge up.

mojo surf bali island hopper surf tour surf camp nusa lembongan lombok red island java cangguAs much as I enjoyed all the vibes from the local surf coaches don’t expect the level of instruction you’d get learning to surf in Australia or jumping on a surf trip in South Africa!

The first day was the most hands on (as you’d expect) but as a surf instructor myself I felt it could be a bit more informative, especially when it came to feedback on how to improve as the beach practice was pretty quick and it was a bit more “throw you in and see how you go”!

You’ll find this is the case for most learn to surf lessons across a lot Bali and Indonesia though.

Personally I think if you’ve had a lesson or two with a good coach prior to this trip (maybe even the crew of Mojo Surf in Australia) you’ll be able to make the most of the waves on offer, but the bulk of the people on my trip came with no prior surf experience.

That being said all the crew on my trip made some good progress and had a blast.


Is It Suitable For Intermediates?

mojo surf bali island hopper surf tour surf camp nusa lembongan lombok red island java canggu
Crystal Clear Waters On Nusa Lembongan

For those who are already confident in the surf the Mojo Indo trip offers access to some epic waves – including Don Dons and Insides on Lombok and Playgrounds and Lacerations on Nusa Lembongan.

I have to be honest though – this trip is certainly geared up more towards those learning to surf, with only 1 included surf session per day.

If you’re wanting to surf more on Lombok you’ll need to pay extra for the boat transfer to the break (about £15), however on Nusa Lembongan it’s an easy paddle out from the beach if you’ve brought your own board, but you’ll need to hire a board if you haven’t, which is about £5 per hour

But yes I scored heaps of solid waves  throughout the trip (although Canggu was lacking as the beach break in Seminyak was maxed out with the swell) and had plenty of opportunity to surf – however don’t expect much in the way of coaching.

It is however it is still a great option for those travelling solo and who want to meet some new travel buddies and share some waves!


The Guides

mojo surf bali island hopper surf tour surf camp nusa lembongan lombok red island java canggu
The Lombok Mojo Crew!

Along with the local surf instructors at each location you’ll be joined by a western Mojo Surf guide throughout your trip too.

They’re there to get you from A to B, answer any surf questions you have along the way and make sure you have a good time in the water and on land!

Our guide Brody has just completed a year working for Mojo Surf at their Spot X Camp so he had heaps of surfing knowledge to pass onto the group and was happy to point you in the direction of (or join you!) at the best beach bars, organise any optional activities you wanted to do or show you the best spot to get a massage.

And of course he paddled out on all the surf sessions (after taking photos) to offer some in water encouragement too.


The Cost

The Mojo Surf Bali 8 Day Tropical Island Hopper will set you back £640 ($835USD or $1074AUD) or the 6 Day Island Hopper (which has less time on Nusa Lembongan) is slightly cheaper at £495  ($640USD or $823AUD)

You can also include an airport transfer for an extra £18 ($25USD or $27AUD).

As I’ve previously mentioned the Mojo Indo Island Hopper Tour is pretty all inclusive – covering all your transport (including return loop to Canggu, which can be swapped to Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud or even Gili T if needed), surf coaching, meals and even an internal flight.

As for extra costs overall for my 10 day trip I spent an average of £10 per day to cover extras like snacks, beers, back massages and extra surf sessions.

The only other major extra you might want to splash on would be the photo pack – which is a bit steep at  – but if you want some pictures of you hitting the waves it’s a good optional extra.


So Would I Recommend Learning To Surf With Mojo Surf Bali?

mojo surf bali island hopper surf tour surf camp nusa lembongan lombok red island java canggu
Of To Hit The Break Of Lombok With The Crew (The Accom Is Behind Us!)

Yes – if you’re looking to learn to surf and explore a bit more of what Bali and Indonesia has to offer then all of the Mojo Indo surf trips are a solid option – especially given how all inclusive they are.

With that in mind they’re a perfect choice for those heading to Indonesia on a stand alone holiday (like much of my group were) or a good way to get started on your trip around Bali and get in amongst the waves too.

The flexibility to change your return transfer to Canggu for one to other destination in Bali or even onwards to Gili T (although some of these are a little extra) also means it can fit into a larger trip around Indonesia and as a great way to start your time in this part of the world.

Despite the fact the surf coaching could be slightly improved I also think this option is a more fun way to learn to surf than a stand alone surf camp – especially given the fact you can then choose to skip lesson and explore each stop instead, perfect if you’re a bit jet lagged or tired!

If however you’re a higher level of surfer you might be better off doing it independently (especially if you bring your own kit) as you’ll be able to squeeze in more surf sessions and avoid the crowds a bit more.

And as an added bonus save $50 off all the Mojo Indo Trips over at RTW Backpackers using the promo code MOJO50



mojo surf bali indonesia island hopper tour review

**PLEASE NOTE – I received a free tour courtesy of Mojo Surf Indo but rest assured that as always all opinions are honest and my own**

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