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Reasons to Visit Basel, Switzerland

Basel is a backpacker’s dream! Located in Switzerland  it is an often overlooked beautiful city filled with history, rich architecture and plenty of things to see and do so take a look at our reasons to visit Basel then get ready to book your flights to Basel!


One thing that makes Basel stand out from many other European towns and cities is the stunning architecture. If you have a particular interest in architecture then you should definitely pay Basel a visit! Medieval structures are combined with the more modern buildings; world class architects such as Mario Botta and Renzo Piano are responsible for some of the creations such as the cathedral, town hall and the famous museums.


There are several festivals across Basel held throughout the year, the main festival is the Basler Fasnacht, held in the spring and lasting for 3 days! The Basler Fasnach starts with an early morning procession filled with elaborate costumes and traditional music then finished with authentic Basel food and drink in the nearby cafes and restaurants. If carnivals are your thing this is definitely not to be missed! Other festivals throughout the year include celebrations of fire, classical music and art.


Basel is the proud home of approximately 30 museums on a wide range of history, art and or course architecture so no matter what your interests are there will be some suitable museums to visit. Some of the museums to take a look at would be the Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Vitra Design Museum and the Museum Jean Tinguely.

Rock Climbing 

For the more sporty types there are also plenty of activities to enjoy! Surrounded by the Jura Mountains makes Basel the perfect home to 227 climbing routes, most of these are challenging and ideal for the more experienced rock climber!

Most of the Basel attractions are situated very close together, perfect walking distance, if you do need to venture further out then there is a healthy public transport infrastructure and the city is very bicycle friendly, ideal for backpackers!

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