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eating a fergburger in queenstown

Tackling The Infamous Queenstown Fergburger!

Fergburger = DONE!

Queenstown in the famed home of adrenaline activities in New Zealand – you can literally chuck yourself off/down/around anything in any way you please, I even convinced my dad to skydive there!

But there’s also another thing QTown is famous for and should be part of any Queenstown itinerary…or more so another famous thing that calls Queenstown home;

The Fergburger



I’d heard alot about the infamous Fergburger whilst backpacking around the south island and indeed from people who I’ve met who have explored NZ before me.

I’m well into my food and have been known to polish off some pretty big meals easily so I also like a good culinary challenge – and I’ve eaten some pretty weird and interesting stuff on my travels!

Needless to say the gauntlet had been thrown down and there was little that would stop me tackling a Fergbuger before leaving Queenstown!


Whats The Big Deal?!

fergburger queenstown
Small Shop…BIG Burgers!

Walking past the Fergburger joint on my arrival there pretty much confirmed it’s place on the backpacker map – there was a pretty epic line there constantly throughout the day, with the lunchtime and dinner waits easily reaching to the end of the street!

Basically Fergburger has become the place for a solid gourmet burger on the south island – if not NZ. In fact I’ve never really heard so much hype and praise for a single burger place anywhere I’ve been in the world!

Their menu backs this up – with a whole range of burgers going from your standard “Fergburger” (with lettuce, red onion, tomato, aioli and relish) through to the “Sweet Bambi” which boasts wild Fiordland deer with a Thai plum chutney.

Now that’s some serious choice!

It’s gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years and you can barely walk around the town without seeing someone munching one down.


Tackling The Beast

eating a fergburger in queenstown
That’s An EPIC Size Burger!

After staring at the menu for a good 10minutes (there was no way I wanted to wait in line that long again!) and my taste buds drooling with excitement I opted for the “Southern Swine” – prime New Zealand beef, American streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, aioli and relish all sandwhiched nicely between a toasted bun.


After waiting a good 20mins for my order to be served up (they serve bee on tap there too so you can pass the time quite easily!) I still couldn’t really believe the size of the thing – it was a solid chunk of food porn goodness!

From the first bite it was clear that the hype was well deserved. It was a perfect balance of flavours and the burger itself was some heaps good beef!

I was a bit let down at the fact it didn’t come with chips as standard, but I soon understood why – the thing is mammoth and even me with my half starved backpacker appetite took some going to finish it all.

I’m stoked to say that I successfully managed to sink it all in a single sitting – a long drawn out sitting in all fairness! You could easily share one between two and still be fully content!

So as backpackers before me have done – I totally recommend you tackle some Fergburger goodness if you find yourself in Queenstown, if you choose something different let me know how you get on so I can sort my next order!

Here’s the full menu so you can taunt your stomach before arriving and save yourself some time in the cue. (click to enlarge!)

fergburger menu queenstown new zealand
The Full Menu…

…just wear loose fitting shorts and underwear – because it’s going to give you some serious meat sweats afterwards!


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