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backpacker banter rucksack review gap year

PRODUCT REVIEW; Berghaus Jalan 60 + 10 Litre Backpacker Rucksack

All Packed And Ready to Go...
Berghaus Jalan on the Back, Dakine Photo Mission on The Front!

Over the last year I’ve lived exclusively out of my rucksack. Everything I need to travel and backpack the world is contained in it. Lately I’ve had alot of emails about what I packed fro my adventure (you can find my gap year packing list here) and also what rucksack I’ve been using – so I though it was about time I published a review on what has been my home for over a year now!

My backpack of choice for my latest adventures (after much research and trying them all on!) is the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00IHT2MQQ” locale=”UK” tag=”backpbante-21″]Berghaus Jalan 60 + 10 litre[/easyazon_link] for reasons which I shall go on to explain, but I will tell you from the off now that it’s served me very well!



The main reason I had to get a new backpacker rucksack was the fact the one I used in Australia (one by Vango) wore out VERY quickly and barely made it through my 12 months there!

The Berghaus in comparison felt heaps tougher, and more than 12 months on, after a beating through South America, Asia and Africa I’m pleased to say there is very little sign of wear and tear bar a few scuffs!

All the straps and buckles are of high quality, the main fabric is rip proof and pretty damn harcore and the fitting system is solid as a rock. Even the zips and stitching (usually the first things to give out in an over stuffed, worn backpack) barely have any signs of wear!

When it comes to build quality I think you’d be hard pushed to beat it!



Price wise the Jalan sits in the mid price bracket at just shy of £100, so it’s not the cheapest travel investment you make but for me that’s how I viewed the price tag on my rucksack – as an investment. I bought a cheaper one last time and I had to replace it after 12 months use, which for me wasn’t worth the saving in the end.

For me the £100 has been well worth it and I can see that it it is going to last me a good few years more. My buddy Amar from Gap Year Escape has had the same pack for over 4 years now and it’s still going strong.

Sure you may only be going away for a few months, but the chances are you’ll go again – so if you’re not strapped for cash you can easily justify the price tag.



The contents of my bag...
The contents of my bag…

My last pack was 80 + 20 litres and after lugging it around I decided it was too big. I used it as an excuse to buy too much stuff and carry things I didn’t really need.

The 60 litre main sack easily handles everything I’ve packed for my gap year with space to spare. And the added 10 litre day pack means there’s always a bit of extra room incase you need to pack in a rush and just cram everything in!

The reduction in size has also meant my baggage weight has come down which is great when using low cost airlines but also means overall it’s easier to carry!



The Berghaus Jalan has some nifty features which make it perfect for backpacking.

For starters the design isn’t a traditional top loader, this bag zips up like a suitcase which makes it both easier to pack and also easier to find your stuff! No more rooting around elbow deep in dirty laundry! My only qualm with this design thought is it isn’t a full split, meaning the bottom 25% is still enclosed, which I wish it wasn’t

Inside the bag itself are some straps to compact everything and also a mesh net – which is great for separating stuff from the main part, such as washing, electric chargers or even important documents.

Outside the bag there are more compression straps, a side carry strap, top carry strap and a fully adjustable and breathable back and waist straps – lugging this bag long distances is no worries.

No only that but all the clips and zips are semi hidden, meaning they aren’t prone to breaking and dont get in the way when not in use. The main back straps and waist straps can also be fully packed away for flights/buses/overland travel with a hidden cover.

The detachable say sack can be expanded depending on if you need the space or not. Although the straps on the day bag aren’t the best and you wouldn’t want to be carrying heavy stuff around it’s a great little addition, perfect for swim wear and towel for a day at the beach.


berghaus jalan backpacker rucksack review
Adjustable Back Straps, Robust Design and Ample Storage




  • Good Size
  • Solid Build
  • Detachable day sack
  • Compression straps
  • Comfortable and adjustable



  • Higher price bracket
  • Not full split layout
  • Day sack straps not the best


Overall I’m happy with my decision to travel with the Bergahus Jalan 60 + 10 litre rucksack and it ticks every box in my opinion.

I’ve recommended it to everyone who has asked for my advice and I can safely say I will continue to do so.

As with most travel kit though bags are very much a personal thing – so make sure you try before you buy, I’m sure that if you try the Jalan though it’ll be the one you walk away with!


Click here for more info and to buy the Berghaus Women’s Jalan 65 + 15



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