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Private Paradise

Well today has been lush.

Actually spent it in the pages of a travel brouchure….except it wasn’t fake….i found my own tropical paradise!

I’ll start off with yesterday – Linzi’s uncle (Jeff) took us on a tour of the Tablelands, and area the size of devon just outside of Cairns. Drove through the countryside, visited some Aussie families, walked through the rainforest, chilled at a beautiful lake, saw some freshwater turtles, photographed an outdoor old school drive through movie theatre, enjoyed watching cockatoos flying around, swan under a waterfall and spent the evening drinking beer and cooking on an open fire in the forest outside jeffs house. a truly aussie day!!!

Then it was up at 6am to hit the reef again. Jeff has a small fishing boat so he took us out. Snorkelled our own secluded reefs, photographed some awesome coral, watched the fishes swim around before BAM, jeffs shot it with a speargun…..coolest thing EVER!hahaha!

the fish in question was the coral trout…..an exceptional eating fish which sell at nearly $50 a kg! we hopped from reef to reef, swimming with sharks, finding families of nemos, giant clams and spearing a few sweet lip fish for the evening meal.

Then we had lunch. Jeff directed the boat to a white blob on the horizon. Our own private island for lunch. I say island but in fact it was a sand kay…..a large mound of sand built up on the reef. it was the most picture perfect place i’ve ever been too – crystal clear waters, icy white sand and isolated in the middle of the barrier reef. BEAUTIFUL. wandered around taking pics, bathing in the bath water temp sea and finding some shells to make a new necklace for myself :)

after lunch we did some line fishing….i reeled in a Long Tong…..much like a gar fish but better eating! my contribution to the meal!

heading back to shore as the sunsent Jeff had the engine full throttle. As we left the protection of the reef the swell picked up (15knot winds) and we bounced around like a mini rollercoaster. following the lines of the waves, coasting over the peaks before dropping in and following the peel before crashing over the wave in front, taking the drop and repeating the process. thoroughly stoked and soaking wet!!!!

Then cooked up the fish for tea….delicious!

a lush day…..shattered but ultimately satisfied.