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My Surfing Bucket List

I've been travelling and surfing the world for a while now and I've finally got around to writing down my surfing bucket list!
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A Weekend Break To Iceland?!

Yup you read that right - I’m travelling to Iceland! And what’s crazier is that I’m heading there rather spontaneously - on Thursday! But you’re in Portugal surf coaching right?!  Well…ummm…yeah that’s... Read More...
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My SCUBA Diving Bucket List

Although I'm primarily a backpacking surfer I've found myself doing a lot of scuba diving in the last year or so. Perhaps it's a way to keep close to the ocean whilst travelling in places without surf, but what... Read More...

Gap Year Planning; Budgetting

If you go into any travel agent or speak to any person who has travelled themselves then the main defining feature of planning a gap year will almost certainly come back the same - money. ... Read More...
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40 Of The Best Places To Visit In Australia

Looking for the best places to visit in Australia and the top things to do in Australia? Well here are 40 of the top spots and trips - as recommended by some epic travel bloggers!