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On The Road Travelling Again

So thought I’d give you an update on the road trip so far.
Despite the weather being rather on and off I’m settling back into life in a van, guerilla camping and eating nothing but noodles!

Our trip out of Byron went quickly and we found ourselves in Brisbane early evening. All was going well and we decided to all sleep in the van outside Damos ex’s place due to the weather. But that wasn’t going to run very smoothly.
Within minutes of us all bunking down for the night blue and red lights lit the van – the cops had decided a random van in a residential street was rather suspicious and gave Damo a good grilling. All panned out in the end though and we slept to the sound of rain on the windows.

Tuesday morning was dominated by indecisiveness. First the plan was Australia Zoo. This was soon scrapped when the admission price loaded on my iPhone! Second plan was Dream World, so we headed off on the knowledge it was only $40 for a full day. Turns out it isn’t, and none of us had $70 to blow.
So we decided to hit Kmart and Coles to stock the van with supplies. Alongside noodles and tinned delicacies I managed to convince the boys to all buy sticky dart guns!
Best decision of the trip so far!
We must’ve blown a good hour or so running around the shopping centre and it’s car park shooting each other. Good times indeed.

Once we finally got round to unloading the shopping we were Noosa bound. During the 3 hour journey power naps were had and more than one dart fight erupted! The first stop on arrival was Dan Murphys…famous for it’s discount booze! After chipping in for a slab, indulging in Southern Comfort and racking up a winery of $3 whites we headed slightly out of town to try and find somewhere to set up camp.
Free camping around Noosa in non existent, so it was not going to be a kosher affair. Somewhere on the coastal road we found an empty car park by the beach, secluded and complete with toilets. It was time to set up camp.
The booze soon started flowing and e evening was warm, the road trip vibe soon set in and we soon found ourselves doing shots to sticky dart gun Russian roulette! A quick tea of noodles and we camped down for the night…roll on canoeing!