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October – My Ultimate Month For Travel!?

Whilst gearing up to leave Phi Phi I looked at my calendar to help with my planning and realised something – it’s October!

First off I had a “woah where the hell did 2012 go” moment – it seems only yesterday that I was heading to Ecuador to surf away the first part of the year.

But then I realised that October seems to be a month which resonates alot with my travel plans…


A Long Term Pattern

In fact it goes back as far as 2008. It was October ’08 where I started putting together the plans for my first major travel adventure – my year long working holiday visa in Australia. A trip which would change my life forever and steer my career towards it’s current path.

Roll on Next October…!

I guess I wanted a good solid amount of time to save and plan for my Australia trip because it was October 2009 when I landed down under in Cairns.

I sank my teeth straight into backpacking, exploring northern Queensland and gaining my PADI dive qualifications – which would eventually lead me to my current travel plans diving on Phi Phi Island in Thailand, some 3 years later.

With my WHV ending after 12 months October 2010 saw me landing back in the UK. It was also the month that I landed my first real job in the travel industry, with STA Travel.

The travel bug had bitten me hard so it wasn’t long before I was beginning to plan my next adventure. In the meantime though I slotted in a heap of mini trips whilst saving to hit the road with my now ex girlfriend.

During this time I booked 3 week trip for late September to Thailand – my first trip to Asia, a place that I’d never really wanted to go but felt compelled to to help my work and due to the stoke backpackers were passing to me about the place.

I came back early the following month – yup October – and realised I needed to make a massive life style change. By the end of Oct 2011 I was single again, had handed in my notice at work and landed myself my dream job as a surf coach in South America.


Now and The Future

That decision has lead to 2012 being one of my most epic years of travel – covering a heap  of countries, some crazy adventures and helping turn my blog into what it is now.

It’s now Oct ’12 and I’ve once again found myself on a major turning point in my travels. I had originally planned to spend the next few month living and working in Thailand, but due to a huge change in plans it has now become the last full month I’ll spend in Asia – as I depart the sun and warmth to head to Switzerland of all places!

So yeah October seems to be a pretty decisive and pivotal point in everything travel for me. Call it what you will, blame it on fate, the stars…whatever floats your boat.

I just believe  that my life is a mash of happy coincidences that lead me where I go.

I have no idea where in the world I’ll even be next October, but I’m stoked to see if it conjures up some awesome travel treats for me.

I like this month!

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