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surf camp instructor portugal sagres algarve

The Next Big Adventure…Portugal

Having been back in the UK for far longer than I planned for or wanted to deal with (except my mini jaunt to Germany) it’s time to get properly back on the road and swop the grey skies and showers for sunny blue ones, beaches and backpackers.

Next stop…Portugal!



Yup I know what you’re thinking…Europe…why are you staying in Europe?! 

surf camp instructor portugal sagres algarve
Here I Come Sagres!

I’ll fully admit that this is possibly my least favourite and most neglected continent on the planet, I have no real interest in it and there’s much more fun, sunny and exciting places I’d rather be! Even so I’m spending the rest of the summer in the Algarve, for a number of reasons.

Reason number one I shall brush over rather quickly to save this from turning into a bitchy rant – I opted some time ago to spend the summer close to my now ex. Unfortunately I was too committed with flights and such like to bail once it all went tits up, and failing a better plan I decided just to roll with it.

Reason number two – and the one that I keep reminding myself of is my travel funds. This year so far has all been about savings some serious cash to bump up my travel funds in preparations for some really exciting and far flung plans, plans that although they don’t require a whole heap of cash I’d rather be safe than sorry!

…in my opinion despite being good at saving money on the road and being lucky enough to live location independant it’s always good to have a solid backup plan!


My New Office

surf buddy travel buddy algarve instructor
Meet Adam!

But in true backpacker fashion I’m not quite quitting the dream to shove myself back into an office cubicle for a prolonged period of time. Nope I’m sticking to what I know best at the moment and I’m heading to the Algarve for a summer of surf coaching. After much research Portugal seemed to offer the best trade in working hours, pay and inclusions – far more generous and appealing than my other seasons in Morocco and Ecuador.

So I’ll be calling the sleeping port town of Sagres home for the next few months, working for Algarve Surf Camp – passing on the stoke to numerous backpackers and teaching them to ride the waves and embrace the beach bum lifestyle.

…so if you’re looking for a holiday this summer get in contact as I can offer my readers some exclusive discounts! 

Even more appealing with Portugal is the fact I’ll be joined by some familiar faces. In a totally coincidental twist if fate one of my ex surf students from morocco – Adam has landed a job at the same camp, so no doubt I’ll be stealing waves off him for next few months!

In an even weirder twist it seems a whole heap of my morocco students will be kicking around working in Portugal this summer too – including Flo (who you’ll remember from Ecuador), Alex, Darsh and Sam.

Fingers crossed we can organise a chaotic night out for my birthday on the 15th of June!

algarve surf camp portugal sagres lagos


Focus on the Bigger Picture

Although Portugal and Europe aren’t top of my list of destinations I’m sure I’m going to be stoked on this summer and it’ll be heaps of fun. For me though this is a stepping stone and part of a bigger picture.

I’m currently putting the finishing touches to a much bigger and more exciting adventure which I’ll be divulging soon and is sure to fill the blog with heaps of amazing pictures, posts  and general travel, inspiration!

In the meantime though I’m looking forward to getting back beside the ocean, living in the backpacker bubble and enjoying the eclectic mix of people and parties that the surf camp atmosphere attracts.


…bring on the waves, babes and bad decisions! 

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