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My Next Backpacking Adventure – Indonesia and Beyond…

bali surf charter travel indonesia

Well my 2 month return to Australia is drawing to a close – a stint of amazing travel fun and budget busting that has solidified Oz as one of my favourite backpacking destinations and helped me fall in love with Byron Bay all over again!

But now it’s time to bounce and hit the road once again – and considering the fact Australia smashed my travel funds pretty heavily I need to head somewhere a bit more kind to the wallet.

And with my current location there was one obvious choice.

…I’m heading back to South East Asia.

Or more specifically Indonesia


Yeeeeewwwww….Indo Baby!



Returning To Good Times

I spent the majority of last year backpacking around south east asia – covering Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Bali. It’s an area that I was only meant to be travelling around for about 6 weeks but it quickly spiraled into a 5 month stint, it’s an amazing place to travel and you’d be surprised how cheaply and easily you can travel around south east asia.

It’s also jam packed full of amazing experiences to tick off your travel bucket list – from shooting AK47’s in Siem Reap and tubing in Vang Vieng to exploring the Phi Phi islands and swimming with Whale Sharks on Koh Tao – there really is something to suit everyone.

But the main focus next month – in fact the only focus – is Indonesia…and that can only mean one thing…HEAPS of surfing!


Surf Tripping Reunions

Yup Indo is the surfers mecca and the last time I visited I treated myself to a week onboard the Dreamweaver Surf Charter which took in some epic waves across Indo.

surf coaching course morocco
Always Good To Share Waves With Some Buddies

This time around though my pockets aren’t so deep so it’s a whole different ball game.

But I’ve enlisted in some company to join me this time around – well in fact it’s more like I was invited on the trip. Two of my surf instructor students from Morocco – the chaos that is Adam and Flo – were heading this way and asked if I wanted to join them.

And who in their right mind would turn down a surf trip to Indo?!

My little brother was also thinking about heading to Australia this year too – and I convinced him to ditch work a few months earlier than planned and to stop off for some serious sun and waves en route.

A proper boys surf trip – with the addition of Flos older sister to help balance out the testosterone and to look after our stuff while we’re in the water!

Catching up with travel buddies is something I always enjoy doing – and after going solo for most of Oz it’s going to be great to see some familiar faces and share some waves with everyone too.


So Whats The Indo Plan?!

To be honest we don’t really have a set plan! We’re all as useless as each other so it’s safer to wing it!

travel surf backpacker waves beach indonesia
Wave Hunting In Indonesia…

We do have a rough idea of what will be going on though and we’re aiming to cover Bali, Lombok and the Gilli Islands.

What that basically means is we’re following the swell and doing our best to survive the reef breaks of this infamous part of the surfing world.

Don’t worry though it’s not all surf related! We’ll need a few days off to recover here and there so monkey temples, island hopping, rice paddy exploring and a good spot of scuba diving has all been pencilled in – as has some reunions with my Indo buddies Rich (of AsiaSurf.com) and Oceana (aka the Barefoot Beach Blonde).

Hopefully the result will be a good balance of waves, partying, culture and sun.


…but we all know how awol my travel plans can be!


And After

backpacking surfer things to pack
Nothing Beats a Boardshort Session!

I’m stoked to say that after Indo I shall continue traveling with my little bro (we’re working on some collaborative projects at the moment) which is something we’ve never done before.

I’m pretty sure our family have bets on how long it’ll take us to start arguing so it could be an interesting ride!

However we have a pretty sweet travel plan to keep us on the straight and narrow – flying from Bali to Singapore and then making our way overland up to Bangkok.

The aim is to explore Kuala Lumpar, some of mainland Malaysia and the Malaysian Islands before crossing over the border into Thailand.

Although we plan of heading back to places like Phi Phi and Koh Tao we’re both keen to explore some new spots too before finally ending up in Bangkok.


I’m stoked to the chaos!


…once we reach Bangkok and hopefully survive the city of squallor he’ll be jetting off to Australia to start his working holiday visa.

And me?!

We’ll I’ll save that info for later!


Bring on the waves!


Does anyone have any tips of places to hit up in Indo or on my way back up to Bangkok? Let me know what you’re top to dos are!


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