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My Top 10 Glasto Highlights

After 6 days without a wash I’m finally showered and about halfway to recovering from the chaos that was Glastonbury 2011…actually I’m fully shattered and need a blooming good sleep…but while I doze and stagger through another day back in the real world I thought I’d share my personal Top 10 Highlights of Glasto 2011

1. The Mud – What’s a bit of Glastonbury without the mud?! This year didn’t disappoint with heaps of the stuff. Luckily it dried up before it got too out of hand!

2.The Secret Stage – Behind the illusive Rabbit Hole lies a secret stage…after working my way around the cryptic security, past the card man guard and crawling on my hands and knees through a dimly lit tunnel accessible by a tiny hidden door I found it! Crazy disco flooring, Alice in Wonderland inspired decor and 2 more secret rooms. Good times!

3. Installations – Glasto is full of amazing installations – from huge memorials and Banksy pieces through to the brightly painted bins and film set style stages

4. Chilling in the Sun – The rain dried up and the sun came out in full force, and what better way to spend a sunny day than relaxing in a field with 180,000 festival goers?!

5. Shangrila/Block 9/Arcadia – It’s the after hours area of debauchery and craziness. An area full of amazing performances, surreal surroundings and loads of random stages. Pajama party to some dirty techno?! Don’t mind if I do.

6. Going for a StompThere wasn’t massive amounts of bands I wanted to see this year so I went for a bit of a wander around the festival and explore all the other treats it had to offer

7. Undercover Hippy – One of the newer artists in my iTunes library the Undercover Hippy was an epic dude to see live on the intimate Bimble Inn Stage. Check out his new EP here.

8. The Cider Bus – If you love a good glass of ice cold scrumpy then the infamous Somerset Cider Bus is a Glasto must.

9. Good Company – This years Glasto was spent with my usual festival crew plus the addition of the girl, my little bro and my best mates missus, nothing beats good company and a few bevvies…except maybe some world class bands and drunken camping to go alongside it!

10. It’s Glastonbury – Well it is Glasto, the highlight of my festival calendar. And after missing it last year whilst in Australia and the fact 2012 is a lay year for Mr Eavis and the crew means this year was the last year I’d be able to party hard Somerset style before heading round the world again next year…

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