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2012 Backpacking Adventure…BOOKED & PAID FOR!

It’s September – which means summer is all but gone (well actually did it really actually start properly?!) and winter is starting to envelop the UK. I’ve deliberately missed out Autumn as a season because lets face it summer was so half arsed it might as well not exist!

The nights are drawing in faster (it’s already got to the point that an afterwork surf is now not an option anymore), the drizzle is back with vengeance and the mood is fast deteriorating into the typical British gloom.

So what better way to fight the depressing onslaught of another British winter than making sure it’s my last for a while?!

Researched it, Planned it…Booked it?!

Yup – mine and Kez’s RTW trip itinerary has been finalised and today is hopefully the day a large chunk of dollar disappears from my savings account and is turned into a 3 page print out! A large chuck of dollar well spent though. You may even be cliche enough to say what we’re buying is priceless!

Ultimately these 3 pages will to a large extent dictate the next few years of my life!

For me we’re buying into the ethos of living the dream again – a chance to escape the grind of day to day life and hit the road. A road where I’m not entirely sure what will happen, when I’ll be home or where I’ll end up.

All that’s really certain is what flights we’ll be taking, that at the very minimum my new adventure will span 4 countries – and that there will be a lot of surfing involved!

A Sneak Peak?!

And the itinerary…

…well I’m not going to tell you all the fun in one go am I?! This is a blog and I need to hook you in and keep you coming back!

So here’s the plan – over the next few months I shall be divulging a leg of our trip at a time and explaining a bit more about what we’ll be getting up to and the thought behind it. You’ll get my reasoning, Kez’s reasoning and hopefully a whole heap of inspiration to maybe add a few more places and activities to your bucket list.

Or maybe it’ll be somewhere you’ve been researching for ages or have already been – in which case you can send the love back my way and give me a few tips!

The theory behind this is I’ll be able to give you all a proper insight into the trip and it’ll also serve as my own little tick list of what I’m aiming to do in each spot – Kez is the one with piles of lists, I simply like to refer to my blog as a reminder!

Beating the Winter Blues

So this weeks panned out to be a pretty hefty antidote to the oncoming winter blues – a RTW trip that has made the transition from drunken idea, to planning, to a solid itinerary that’s been paid for and a 3 week escape to the chaos of Thailand on Thursday – not bad going hey?!

If all this bad weather is fuelling your stoke to go travelling why not check out my handy little Gap Year Planner to get you going or (in a shameless plug that I’m sorry for…well not really!) you should check out the STA Gap Year Q&A Session that I’m helping out with this Wednesday (07/09/11) at 18:30 GMT over on their Facebook Page.

And while you’re over on Facebook why not “like” the BackpackerBanter.com page and keep updated with all my carnage over in Thailand!

…for the time being I’ll give you one date – 14th May 2012 – now transformed from a boring old Monday into the date that I’ll be counting down to for the next 8 months, the day I leave for my next RTW trip.


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