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My 7 Links – The Best of Backpacker Banter

Over the last few weeks I’ve been pretty intrigued with the results of the “My 7 Links” project started by the lovely guys at Tripbase – so I was pretty stoked when @tripofourlife (aka Aisleen and Richard from Lifes Great Adventures) nominated me to participate.

The basis of the whole thing is for each nominated blogger to pick a post on 7 different categories from their own archives – to introduce readers to some nuggets of blogging goodness hidden away and also give the blogger a chance to explain their posts, which I think is a really interesting insight into the authors. So here are mine…

1. My most Beautiful Post – this question is the one I struggled with and had to come back to. I think my most beautiful post is yet to be written, I’ve got a couple ideas in the pipeline but I think my big RTW Trip next year is going to prove pretty fruitful, so I’m going to leave this one open ended…

2. My most Popular Post – statistically it’s this Photo of The Week, however this was due to a massive (and rather random) spike in Stumble Upon traffic! Otherwise it’s my good old fashioned Bucket List, a great way to plan your travels.

3. My most Controversial Post – can’t really say that I’ve posted anything controversial to be honest, the one that was closest is probably Skint Backpacker + Nakedness = $$$ – my tale of ending up in a nudist documentary in an effort to top up my travel funds!

4. My most Helpful Post – I’m going to cheat here slightly and put fourth my Gap Year Planner series, it’s a combination of my own personal experience and through my work at STA Travel. If you’re looking at going travelling I’ve done my best to help you get started!

5. The posts whose Success Surprised me most – I’d say My Top 10 Moroccan Shots, it was a fairly simply photo essay summing up my time in Southern Morocco but even got highlighted by the Washington Flyers Top 100 Blog List!

6. The post I feel Didn’t get the Attention it Deserved – It’s a fairly old post but I enjoyed writing Byron Bus Touting – The Ultimate Backpacking Job?! it’s not the best bit of writing I’ve ever done but it’s a great look into how fun backpacking can be and how working while travelling can be turned into something which shapes your whole travel experience, without the need to earn shed loads of cash!

7.The post I’m Most Proud Of – I love all my posts!hahaha!To be honest alot of my best writing ends up being used as guest posts on other sites to boost this one, or to earn me some dollar! Articles like Life of Byron or Is Goon Really All That Bad?! for TNT Down Under or more serious stuff like Why Apple is My Top Travel Tip for Travel With A Mate are what I’m most proud of.

So there’s My 7 Links – I hope you enjoyed them and another big thanks to Life’s Great Adventures for nominating me. I’m putting fourth the following to carry the torch, so go hit them up on twitter!





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