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Morocco Here I Come!

Summer is finally here and the first 2 days of it couldn’t have been more perfect if they tried – 2 days of lush sunny weather down here in the Shire and the surf has been pumping! So me and my mates have been making the most of it with lazy days at the beach, BBQ’s in the evening and a whole heap of chilled beers in the esky! But now it’s time to leave it behind temporarily and head on a mini adventure – to Morocco.

Me and 7 of my mates will be on our way to the airport whilst you read this, flying to Agadir in southern Morocco – naturally with surfboards in tow – before heading up the coast to the sleepy surfing village of Tamraght.

Long days of African heat await, more than a few glasses of mint tea, feasts of tagine and hopefully some epic surf in there too – I couldn’t be more stoked!

…and don’t worry I’ll do my best to blog at least once in between this gruelling schedule! There will definitely be a write up or two on my return though.

Catch you on the flip side!

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