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Monthly Travel Summary, Stats And Budget – Oct ’15

Monthly Travel Summary, Stats And Budget – Oct ’15

After nearly 6 months of living in the Byron Bubble I’ve FINALLY bounced out of Australia on the long term! Not just a quick couple of weeks away, a whole new chapter of travel adventures!

backpacker travel monthly budget summary stats australia thailand cambodia

From Oz To Asia!

It’s been sad parting was with all my buddies and a lifestyle I loved, but the road was calling and it was time to pack my bags and get out there exploring again!

I kicked it all off in Bangkok where I caught up with heaps of blogger buddies at the TBEX travel blog conference before bouncing over to Cambodia to team up with the crew from Mad Monkey Hostels with Stephen from A Backpackers Tale it tow alongside Erin and her buddy Mandy.

A solid start to my latest adventure and I’m stoked to be back in Asia, I hope you’re enjoying following all the new chaos!

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So here’s my stats round up for October 2015;


Overland Distance;  792.44km

Flight Distance; 7756.13km

Total Distance; 8,548.57km

backpacker travel monthly budget summary stats australia thailand cambodia

I’m Stoked To Be Back In Asia Again!

Countries; Australia, Thailand, Cambodia

Main Spots; Byron Bay, Bangkok, Siem Reap, Koh Rong, Kampot, Kep

Transport Taken;

Flights – OOL-MEL (Jetstar) MEL-BKK (Jetstar) BKK-SIEM (Air Asia)


Money Breakdown

Australia – £227.61 over 8 days = £28.45 per day

Thailand – £178.39 over 11 days = £16.22 per day

Cambodia – £270.90 over 12 days = £22.57 per day

Total spent – £676.90 over 30 days = £21.83 per day

Cambodia ended up being surprisingly expensive considering I was teamed up with Mad Monkey throughout my entire stay, it’s usually heaps cheaper than £22 per day! Check out my Cambodia budget post for how cheap it can be!

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wildlife alliance phnom penh cambodia elephant backpacker

Meet Lucky On The Wildlife Alliance Backstage Tour!

Cheapest Place – Otres Beach. This is one of my favourite spots in Cambodia and it’s surprisingly budget friendly too. We were eating meals for only a few dollars and split a quad share, A/C, en suite room at $5 each per night which was just a short stroll from the ocean!

Somewhere I highly recommend a good few nights if you’re in Cambodia anytime soon.

Most Expensive Place – Byron Bay. In comparison to Asia Oz is a much less budget friendly spot so this was bound to top the list!

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – to be honest everything went to plan this month so I didn’t get caught out by any unforeseen expenses which is always good! That being said Cambodia worked out slightly more pricey than I was hoping for!


Highlight – I’ve had a few amazing highlights this month so it’s hard to choose! Surf sessions with my buddies in Yamba, being reunited with Erin, sunrise over Angkor Wat, chilling on Otres Beach – October was full of goodness!

Lowlight – The lowlight of the month was having to say goodbye to Byron Bay again and all the awesome buddies I’d made there. Byron is seriously the place I feel most at home and I got even more attached to it being there for nearly 6 months and building a mini life there!

It was even more so due to the fact I didn’t manage to catch up with my brother there before I left and I’m not to sure when we’ll be crossing paths again which sucks.


Top Shot

Cambodia proved pretty epic for photography but sunrise at Angkor Wat has to steal the top shot spot this month!

It’s actually my third attempt at a postcard perfect sunrise and I’m stoked to have finally nailed the shot – totally worth the 4:30am start!

angkor wat temples siem reap cambodia backpacker travel guide (1 of 7)

Sunrise Over Angkor Wat


What’s Next?

I’m currently kicking back in Vietnam after finally managing to ticking it off my bucket list and it’s been well worth the wait so far!

In fact I’ll be spending the rest of November here, including sailing around the world famous Halong Bay which is something I’ve been looking for to for years!

I’ll be bouncing back to Thailand in early Dec though before heading onwards to The Philippines to finish up 2015 surfing on Siargao Island and teaming up with Cebu Pacific Airlines!

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