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backpacker budget travel south africa asia thailand

Monthly Travel Summary, Stats And Budget – Oct ’14

South Africa, The UK and Thailand – all the stats from my October ’14 travels including how much it all cost me.

backpacker budget travel south africa asia thailand
A Hectic Month!

After hitting the ground running last month when I properly returned to the road I finished off my South Africa surf trip at the beginning of the month before bouncing back to the UK. After a hectic 4 day stop at home to get my life together I’m stoked to say I’m now back on the road again – this time long term with no return date in site!

I flew into Asia along and now have the Povester in tow too which is pretty awesome (most of the time at least!) and we headed down to Koh Tao for some scuba diving where Tara got her open water dive certification and then we bounced to the west coast to catch up with my buddies at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures and head out on a dive live aboard in the Similan Islands.

There’s been a lot of bouncing around going on but I’m stoked to be firmly back in the backpacker bubble and travelling 247 again!


Anyway here’s my stats round up for Oct 2014;

backpacker goodbye parents travel gap year
Saying Goodbye To The Rents


Overland Distance; 2,953.32km

Flight Distance; 20,197.39km

Total Distance; 23,150.71km


Countries; South Africa, UK, Thailand

Main Spots; Jefferys Bay, Devon, Bangkok, Koh Tao, Khao Lak, Similan Islands

Transport Taken; plane, car, sleeper bus, ferry, minibus, dive boat

Flights – PLZ-LON (South Africa Airlines) LON-BKK (Emirates)


Money Breakdown

South Africa – £81.18 over 5 days  = £16.23 per day

UK – £54.90 over 4 days = £13.72  per day

Thailand – £343.93 over 20 days = £17.19 per day

Total spent – £480.01 over 31  days = £15.48 per day

One thing to keep in mind with the second half of my Thailand trip is that I was working with a dive company in the Similans, so didn’t have to pay for my live aboard out there (which obviously cut expenses!) and also stayed at a friends place for the week before that. Stoked that I’m keeping well under the £20 a day mark though!


Cheapest Place – Obviously Devon being my home means that was super cheap, but Khao Lak was super cheap, with meals and drinks being much cheaper than spots like Bangkok and Koh Tao

Most Expensive Place – Probably Koh Tao actually, simply because I was paying for diving there, which can soon mount up.

surf adventure south africa ttride ticket to ride instructor course (1 of 39)
Enjoying Some JBay Perfection!

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – Apart from investing in the new iPhone 6 (because I’m a massive Apple fanboy – although this isn’t included in my expenses as it’s not really relevant for travel!) there hasn’t been any huge outlays or expenses this month, which is always nice!


Highlight – Again the few days of pumping J-Bay surf in South Africa was always going to top the list. However being back in Asia and now travelling with the girl is also something I’m stoked on! (No she didn’t pay me to type that!hahaha!). Oh and diving in the Similan Islands, that’s always a treat!

Lowlight – Goodbyes are always a sucky part of travelling. Firstly saying bye to all my awesome surfing buddies from my Ticket To Ride trip in South Africa, then to my family and friends in the UK, as I have no clue when I’ll see them again.


Top Shot

I’m really freaking stoked with this shot from my first dive trip on the Similan Islands – a beautiful sunset over the Surin National Park with one of the dive boats cruising along to it’s next destination.

scuba dive live aboard underwater similan island thailand khao lak gap year diving-1
Sunset On The Similan Islands

What’s Next?

The start of November continued the diving fun with another Similans live aboard but I’ve just landed in the Philippines. I’m super stoked to tick this country off the bucket list as it’s been on there for so freaking long. I’m REALLY excited to see what it has to offer…oh and of course get some surfing on the go!


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