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backpacker travel budget morocco africa uk summary stats

Monthly Travel Summary, Stats & Budget – May ’16

From the souks of Morocco to surf sessions in the UK – here’s the full round up of my travels in May, including where I went, what I did and how much it all cost me!

May was my final month back in the UK for a while before heading off on my latest adventure, which has no fixed return date!

But to kick things off I headed to Morocco as part of my MoneySupermarket Lost Luggage Challenge – a long weekend in Marrakech with only my iPhone, wallet and passport with me! It was good to get back amongst the souks but haggling for new clothes and a toothbrush was rather chaotic!

After heading back to Devon I spent the rest of the month hanging out with my family and friends before leaving again – which was full of BBQs, cold beers and surf trips.

And of course heaps of stressing out with packing and organising my life!haha!

So here’s my stats round up for May 2016;


backpacker travel budget morocco africa uk summary stats
From The UK To Africa & Back!

Overland Distance; 1481.98 km

Flight Distance; 4496.73 km

Total Distance; 5978.71 km


Countries; Morocco, UK

Main Spots; Marrakech, Essouria, Croyde, Saunton, Exeter, London

Transport Taken; car, taxi, minibus, bus, surfboard

Flights – Bristol – Marrakech (EasyJet)


Money Breakdown 

Morocco  – £180.70 over  5 days = £36.14 per day

UK – £421.46 over  26 days = £16.21 per day 

Total spent – £602.16 over 31 days = £19.42 per day


Cheapest Place – May was my final month back in the UK and staying at home with my parents certainly meant that was the cheapest spot to be!

surf croyde north devon uk drone dji phantom
Did You Know The UK Got Surf Like This?!

Most Expensive Place – Marrakech ended up being WAY more expensive than I’d originally planned, although that’s mainly because me and Erin ended up splashing on a pretty nice hotel for our visit there. Even still food and drink during our time in Morocco was more expensive than I remember on my previous visits.

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – Despite my years of travelling experience I still managed to get fleeced when buying a shirt in the souks of Marrakech. It really wasn’t much but it just goes to show you can never let your guard down!


Highlight –  I’d say the highlight on May has to be the final surf trips I managed to fit in with my buddies. We were stoked to score pumping, offshore swell in the sunshine…a bit of a rare combination in the UK! I was also massively stoked to launch my own line of sustainably sourced, eco clothing too, with a percentage off all profits going to some awesome ocean based projects and charities! Head over to Karmocean.com to check it out!

Lowlight – Although May was a pretty fun month winding down my time in the UK and starting to say my goodbyes again is always something I don’t enjoy doing.


Top Shot

I’m cheating a bit with this months top shop – it’s actually a portrait of me taken by Erin during our time in Morocco. I think it captures the colours and culture of our time there!

backpacker banter travel blogger chris stevens
Moroccan Style!


What’s Next?

May was actually my final month back in the UK and I’ve now bounced off on the latest adventure, with no return to the UK planned anytime soon!

I’ve just landed in the Maldives where I’m spending the next 2 weeks island hopping and surfing – including splashing out on a pimping water bungalow at Cinnamon Dhonveli for my birthday – then it’s back to Sri Lanka for some more waves.

And at the end of the month I’m headed back to Byron Bay in Australia to catch up with my little bro who now lives there.

June should be an epic month full of surf, sun and sand so I hope you enjoy the ride!

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