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Monthly Travel Summary, Stats and Budget – May ’14

Monthly Travel Summary, Stats and Budget – May ’14

May has been the longest time I’ve spent back in the UK since leaving for my travels way back in 2012. I wasn’t actually looking forward to it much to be honest but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much fun I’ve had catching up with friends and family, sharing some waves with them and even having a mini trip to Germany to catch up with some old travel buddies I met in Australia.

I’ve done heaps of blogging work, nearly got my new business venture ready for launch and enjoyed some good down time enjoying home cooked meals and a double bed – although there are some things I’ll miss less about home than others!

The end of the month saw me back on the road again as I flew down to Portugal to start a season of surf coaching in the Algarve…

And onto the stats:

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Well Hello Europe


Overland Distance; 764.25km

Flight Distance; 2619.85km

Total Distance; 3384.1km


Countries; UK, Germany, Portugal

Main Spots; Devon, London, Bristol, Münster, Lagos, Sagres

Transport Taken; train, car, surfboard, mini bus

Flights – LGW-DUS (Easyjet) BRS-FAR (Easyjet


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Money Money Money…

Money Breakdown 

UK – £447.11 over 20 days = £22.35 per day

Germany – £186.56 over 7 days = £26.65 per day

Portugal – £39.14 over 4 days = £9.70 per day

Total spent – £633.67 over 31 days = £20.44 per day

Well gone are the last few months of uber cheap living – however I’m still under my monthly target of £25 per day which is awesome news. Also having been in Portugal just under a wee I can see my daily budget here should be pretty low!


Cheapest Place – On the stats it would be Portugal – however since only being here a short time I’ll exclude this. Obviously being at home has worked out pretty cheaply – I honestly thought the UK had cost me more than that so I was surprised when I added it all up!


Most Expensive Place – My mini trip to Germany worked out the most expensive place as I was based in Munster, especially considering I wasn’t paying for accommodation staying at my buddies flat! Still I hadn’t seen her for over a year so I was happy to party hard with her!


jack wills sta travel blogger talks young brit

Me and Vicky Flip Flops Post Travel Chat!

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – Splurges this month are mainly partying related really! I’ve done a few big nights with friends in Exeter, Munster and Bristol – but I can justify it on the fact I won’t be seeing them again for a while!


Highlight – I was super stoked to team up with Jack Wills and STA Travel to chat at one of their even nights in London. I really enjoyed the interview and following Q&A and meeting some people setting up their gap years! But of course heading back to the sun and surf in Portugal is always good times!


Lowlight – The whole months been pretty peachy actually, can’t complain about anything!


Top Shot

Well with a month that was surprisingly sunny, filled with good parties and a good dash of surfing I guess this post surf cider shot in my buddies back garden adequately sums up the month…!

devon surfing backpacker blogger chiris stevens backpacker banter

Post Surf Chillaxing…


What’s Next?

I’m settling into to life here in Portugal at Algarve Surf School and this months geared up for surf coaching, hitting the waves and enjoying being back in hostel life. There’s a huge surf competition in town this weekend so I’m stoked for the after party!hahaha!

But yup – back to the simple life!


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