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Monthly Travel Summary, Stats & Budget – March & April ’16

Monthly Travel Summary, Stats & Budget – March & April ’16

First off sorry for the massive delay in putting up my summary and budget posts for the last few months. I know a lot of you find the budgeting side of things pretty insightful and useful!

The last few months in the world of me have been pretty all over the place! After a week of scuba diving on Phi Phi in Thailand I headed back to the UK for the first time in nearly 2 years to surprise my mum on mothers day (awwwwww!) along with my little bro (who flew back from Australia) and also celebrate my Grandparents Diamond wedding anniversary…that’s 60 years!

Since then I’ve been kicking back in Devon in the UK for a bit to catch up on work, enjoy some home cooking and sort my next set of adventures.

Well that was the plan anyway! I’ve ended up taking a last minute trip to Sri Lanka and then won the UK Blog Awards so it has been far from uneventful!

So here’s my stats round up for March & April 2016;


backpacker travel south east asia budget thailand phi phi

Heading Home For The First Time In 2 Years


Overland Distance; 747.81 km

Flight Distance; 11117.89 km

Total Distance; 11,865.7 km



Overland Distance; 2201.16 km

Flight Distance; 17473.80 km

Total Distance; 19,674.96 km


backpacker travel south east asia budget sri lanka

…And Then Back To Asia!

Countries; Thailand, UK, Sri Lanka

Main Spots; Phi Phi Island, Devon, Colombo, Kandy, Dambulla, Mirissa, London

Transport Taken; ferry, taxi, bus, car, tuk tuk, minibus

Flights – Phuket – Bangkok (Thai Smile), Bangkok – London (Etihad), London – Colombo (BA/Sri Lankan Airlines), Colombo – London (BA/Sri Lankan Airlines)


Money Breakdown (March)

Thailand£93.82 over 5 days = £18.76 per day

UK – £677.78 over 26 days = £26.06 per day 

Total spent – £771.60 over 31 days = £24.89 per day


Money Breakdown (April)

Sri Lanka£30 over 10 days = £3 per day

(Full Disclaimer – this was a press trip with the Sri Lanka Tourism Board, which covered all my costs inc accommodation, transport and activities)

UK – £423.36 over 21 days = £20.16 per day

Total spent – £453.36 over 31 days = £14.62 per day


why visit travel sri lanka backpacker asia

Sri Lanka Was Amazing!

Cheapest Place – Well this has to be Sri Lanka – but only because I was on a press trip with the tourism board. Otherwise Devon takes the cheapest spot over the last few months staying in Casa Del Stevens…aka the parents place!

Most Expensive Place – I’d say Phi Phi Island over the last few months as it was my final fling in Asia for a while  (or so I thought!) so there was plenty of buckets and massages going on!

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – I think the biggest costs over the last two months have been multiple tickets to/from London for flights and events…still I cant really complain about that hey?!

Oh and a night in the Waterloo Premier Inn in London…£120! Talk about totally overpriced, that kinda of dollar could get me a pimping 5* beach front hotel in Asia!


uk blog awards winner travel backpacker banter


Highlight – Well there has been a couple of stand out highlights of March and April. Firstly surprising my Mum on Mothers Day – totally worth 3 days of travel and reuniting with my brother (who flew in from Australia for it too!) to catch her off guard. And then of course catching up with all my family and friends who I haven’t seen for a couple of years – always good.

Pretty much the whole of Sri Lanka was a huge highlight too and a rather unexpected but welcome addition to the year. It had never really been somewhere I was desperate to go but I’m already planning my return. My highlight within a highlight so to speak would have to be dolphin and whale watching there.

Then you have the fact I won the travel category of the UK Blog Awards at the end of April, which I was MASSIVELY stoked for.

All in all a solid couple of months!

Lowlight – to be honest there’s not much I can complain about! The only not so greta thing to happen was the fact Erin had to head back to California for a couple weeks directly after I got back from Sri Lanka so I barely saw her all month. Never fun!


Top Shot

Geez I have so many shots to choose from in March and April! I think I’ll have to go with this one of me, my bro and mum. It’s 8am, she’s just woken up but you can certainly tell she was stoked to have us back at home – it’s the first time we’ve all been together at our house in nearly 5 years!

backpacker travel home gap year reunion budget asia australia



What’s Next?

Well I’ve just got back to the UK after a quick visit to Morocco, but I’m stoked to announce that May will be the last month I’ll be in the UK for a loooooong while! Yup it’s time to hit the road again!

I’ll be announcing all the plans next week hopefully but I can reveal my first destination is THE MALDIVES.

Seriously excited!

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