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Monthly Travel Summary, Stats and Budget – March ’14

Well this has been my final month in Montanita – and as usual it’s been packed full of parties, surfing, sun and impromptu pool parties at my hostel!

It’s also been a rather up and down month full of high highs and low lows – but hopefully every things now behind me and I can leave this month behind!

And onto the stats…


Overland Distance; 90km

Flight Distance; n/a

Total Distance; 90km

backpacker montanita ecuador
Montanita Times…(maybe slightly drunk!)


Countries; Ecuador

Main Spots; Montanita, Olon

Transport Taken; surf truck, local bus, surfboard

Flights – n/a


Money Breakdown

Ecuador – £171.18 over 31 days = £5.52 per day

Total spent – £171.18 over 31 days = £5.52 per day


Cheapest Place – Once again a month in Montanita has my daily budget looking pretty sweet and I’ve made it even cheaper than the previous 2 months. It just goes to show when you know where to eat out cheaply or simply cook for yourself it’s easy to keep the numbers down. Once again though keep in mind that I’m working for accommodation here which means no rent. Those numbers are simply food, booze and transport.

Most Expensive Place – Once again – one location!

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – Well I did spend £225 on a flight to the Galapagos but given the fact I had to cancel it I’ve opted not to include it in my finances this month (I’m in the process of trying to claim it back on my travel insurance). Other than that I’ve had no real splurges travel wise.

backpacker injury surfer
My Toe Has Slightly Derailed My Travel Plans….!


Highlight – At the start of the month was a weekend of chaos in the form of South American Carnival which was 4 days of foam soaked crazy mayhem! Montanita is a hotspot for people celebrating these holidays so there’s was plenty of party, salsa and good times. I love being here for it!


Lowlight – Still dealing with my breakup totally sucks and has put a huge dampener on my entire month to be honest. Not only that but I managed to break and dislocate my toe last week – which means I can barely walk, had to cancel my diving trip to the Galapagos and now can’t surf for 4 weeks.



Top Shot 

Montanita serves up some incredibly gorgeous sunsets – and this shot of a silhouetted surfer against the last colours of the day is one of my favourite shots from my whole stay this time. For me it sums up the vibe here in Montanita, it really is a chilled hippy town.

sunset surfer montanita ecuador south america
Sunset Surfer


What’s Next?

This week is my final week here in my Montanita home and my visa is fast coming to an end so it’s time to bounce. The plan was to head to Mancora and Lobitos in northern Peru for a few weeks of surfing – but given the foot being messed up still I guess I’m simply going to be laying by the pool and blogging for my final 2 weeks in South America…not really what I wanted but there’s not much I can do about that…!


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