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backpacker rtw trip flights monthly budget

Monthly Travel Summary, Stats and Budget – April ’14

April marked the end of my time in the beachside town of Montanita, Ecuador and I said my goodbyes to all the amazing friends and co workers I shared my time there with – which was heaps sad.

However having bounced out of Ecuador I headed down into northern Peru where a stint in Loki Hostel, Mancora provided a holiday from a holiday, where surf, sun and more than a handful of vodka slushies helped ease me back into life on the move! I shared my time there with some incredible people and caught up with some old faces like Kiwi Michael and headed down the coast for a bit to catch up and share some waves.

With my time in South America drawing to a close I then headed down to Lima for a couple of days for some more catch ups with 2 of my favourite Dutch buddies before enduring the horrendous 18 hours plane journey (seriously I hate Iberia!) back to the UK.

To be honest I wasn’t really prepared to come back to the UK, let alone for such a long period of time, but it was a tail off from my change in circumstances so I just had to suck it up!

Luckily catch ups with old friends, some ok ish weather and some beautiful surfing conditions has helped the transition and I’ve actually enjoyed the bulk of my time back at home!

I’m totally bummed out to have left South America – the last 4 months have been incredible – but it’s time to begin a new chapter…

And onto the stats:

backpacker rtw trip flights monthly budget
Back On The Road Again…


Overland Distance; 2217.46km

Flight Distance; 6692.18km

Total Distance; 8909.64km


Countries; Ecuador, Peru, UK

Main Spots; Montanita, Mancora, Lobitos, Lima, London, Putsborough, Torquay, Exeter

Transport Taken; taxi, local bus, international bus, train, car, underground, surfboard

Flights – LIM-LHR (Iberia)


Money Breakdown


Ecuador – £30.53 over 3 days = £10.17 per day

Peru – £299 over 13 days = £23 per day

UK – £477 over 13 days = £36.69 per day

Total spent – £806.53 over 30 days = £26.88 per day


Cheapest Place – Well as I started off the month still in Montanita that was uber cheap as always. Mancora though was pretty cheap – although slightly dangerous as the hostel I was staying at – Loki Mancora – runs on a tab system, so after a few beers the rounds soon add up! Luckily I befriended the bar staff again and I had a pretty cheap ride as a result!


Most Expensive PlaceLondon! I went up to London for a few days to looks after a buddy who needed some TLC, London as usual though totally smashed my wallet and the combination of tube tickets, eating out and simply the transport from Devon to the capital made it the most expensive part of my month.


surfing saunton north devon england-2
Chilly North Devon Waves

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – I didn’t really have any splurges this months. I did however have to shell out £40 to fix up my surfboard following Emirates less than careful handling of it on my flight back from Bali late last year! Other than that my bus ticket from Mancora to Lima was my top travel spend at £25, that’s not bad for a first class tickets on an 18 bus journey though…especially when it includes a personal entertainment system, 170 degree reclining chair, food and free wifi!

I have also however forgotten how damn expensive it is to run a car – I think I’ve chucked over £100 worth of fuel in mine in the last 2 weeks! Well worth it though to spend some time with good company and cram in some good surf sessions!


HighlightFINALLY managing to get some surf in was a massive highlight this month, my toes not quite fixed but I forced myself into the water a few times. Head high perfect lefts in board shorts in Mancora is always a treat! Joining my budies for a few chilly surfs in north devon has also been fun, nothing better than sharing waves with good faces and we’ve even snuck in some sunny sunset sessions!


Lowlight – Without a doubt returning home! It’s not something I really wanted or was prepared for and it’s freaking cold!hahaha!


Top Shot

This months top shot isn’t one taken by myself – instead it’s a group shot of all my friends and co-workers at Montanita Spanish School – this mix of Ecuadorians, Englishmen, Dutchmen, Germans and a crazy Pole have made my stay nothing short of amazing and I miss them all heaps!

montanita spanish school ecuador south america
My MSS Family


What’s Next?

Well next month is mainly going to be spent in the UK again cracking on with some projects that are well over due (and rather exciting!) and I’m also heading to Germany for a bit to catch up with some awesome travel buddies from Byron Bay and Laos!

I’m also heading to London again to be on a panel of travellers giving a gap year chat/Q&A alongside STA Travel which is pretty exciting stuff!

The end of the month is what I’m looking forward to though, when I bounce to warmer climates again on my next adventure – which you’d already know about if you were subscribed to my monthly newsletter….!


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