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Monthly Travel Summary and Stats; Oct-Nov ’12

Monthly Travel Summary and Stats; Oct-Nov ’12

The last month saw some pretty big changes in my travels – both countries and climate!

I started off with finishing my trip around Cambodia by visiting the capital Phnom Pehn – the day the king died! Needless to say the atmosphere was pretty sombre and I was slightly taken aback by how genuinely upset everyone was. Me and my travel buddies were also there for his funeral procession too which was an odd experience.

Due to that the whole of the country was in mourning for a week, which meant no music and no places open after about 9pm! Luckily we can keep ourselves occupied and coupled with an awesome hostel in Siem Reap we all enjoyed our last few days in Cambodia.

After that I endured probably the worst overland border crossing I’ve experienced, boredom wise at least! 4 hours waiting in line at the Thai border control! Luckily my buddy Ross has joined me so we kept each other reasonably sane!

Then it was back to the chaos of Bangkok again – where once again Koh San destroyed us – especially after bumping into one of my buddies Hans who I first met in Ecuador at the beginning of the year! The world really is a small place!

On the 23rd my time in Asia finally came to an end when I boarded a plane…to Switzerland! Yup I went from 35 degree heat by the ocean to -4 and snowy in a landlocked country! It’s been worth it though and now that I’ve got over my jetlag I’m really enjoying exploring the beauty of Switzerland with the girl!

From wine tasting to chocolate factories, fondue eating to mountain hiking – it’s been heaps of fun!

I won’t lie though – being back in western culture and the cold has taken some serious adjustment and my wallet is certainly feeling it!



Overland Distance; 1264.89kms

Flight Distance; 9894.89kms

Total Distance; 11159.78kms

Main Spots; Phnom Pehn, Siem Reap, Bangkok, Zurich, Berne, Einsieldeln

Transport Taken; Ferries, Mini Buses, Taxis, Trains

Flights – BBK-ZRH (With Oman Air)

Back on form with my travel km’s this month – covered some serious distances both overland and via planes!

asia backpacker thailand cambodia route

My Final Fling Around Asia

backpacker flight europe to asia

From Warm and Coastal to Cold and Landlocked!

switzerland backpacker travel

My Current Jaunt Around Switzerland


Money Breakdown

Cambodia – £318.22 over 8 days = £39.77 per day

Thailand – £126.83 over 3 days = £42.27 per day 

Zurich – £595.20 over 20 days = £29.76 per day

TOTAL – £1040.25 over 31 days = £33.55 per day

Well after an epically cheap month of backpacking last month it seems I completely ignored my budget over the last 31 days!

However I’m putting full blame on the cost of Switzerland and the fact I decided to have a pretty no expense spared final month in Asia – where private rooms, partying and eating out were the order of the day!

Even so it goes to show even when you’re in a super cheap country it’s easy to blow a huge wad of cash if you’re not careful. I need to make a note to open my online bank account a little more often and track my spending!


Cheapest Place – as with last month Cambodia was by far the cheapest place I’ve been, this time around I think I spent the least amount of dollar in Sihanoukville. Although on the stats side of things I was waaaaaay over budget, but I did alot of shopping for gifts since my time in Asia was finally over and bought some expensive bus tickets during that short period!

Most Expensive Place – Zurich! I’m pretty sure it’s the most expensive place I’ve visited….EVER! Luckily for me though I’m staying at the girls house so I’m rent free, which is a massive relief when you’re paying nearly £6 a pint! I’m cutting some serious costs by limiting my travel to the weekends mainly and it’s definitely kept me on budget!

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – I think Switzerland was a pretty unforeseen expense! It’s crazy expensive here! Biggest splurge though goes to Cambodia though – just before I left I went on a bit of a shopping spree for new clothes etc because all my stuff was pretty knackered after 6 months in Asia and I as I’ve previously mentioned I decided to live it large for my final few weeks in the sun!

I decided to leave it out of my monthly budget stats (as it’s a luxury rather than a necessity) but I also splurged £500 on the new iPhone 5 this month too!

Highlight – This month it has to be the look on Katjas face when I told her I was in Zurich airport, it was worth the 17hour plane journey!

Lowlight – probably saying bye to my Cambodian backpacker “family” – they’re possibly the craziest and chaotic people I’ve ever travelled with and we had heaps of fun and Cambodia itself was my favourite place in Asia. …in saying that though getting over my jet lag  this time around was a week long nightmare!


Top Shot

I’ve taken alot of good shots in the last 4 weeks – from the sunny beaches of Koh Rong to the beautiful city of Zurich (a Zurich Sunset was last weeks Photo of the Week). However I think this shot of the Swiss countryside, complete with snow capped mountains and a gorgeous lake is one of my favourites this month!

swiss lanscape iphoneography

Cliched But Beautiful!


What’s Next?

Well for the next few weeks I’m still kicking around in Switzerland exploring with Katja. There’s also some talk about heading over into Italy for a weekend to catch up with a buddy of mine who lives there.

I’ve got some heaps exciting plans for the beginning of December though – but I’m announcing that later this week – so keep an eye out on my Twitter feed or Facebook page for more details….!

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