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backpacker travel fiji australia budget travel

Monthly Summary, Stats And Budget – May ’15

May had some high highs and some low lows around Australia and Fiji – so here’s a rundown of what happened and how much it all cost me…

backpacker travel fiji australia budget travel
Yaaaaaay Fiji!

I’ve been based in Australia for the last few months and May continued that trend – after parting ways with my little bro (he’s bounced back to Queenstown, New Zealand for a snow season) I spent the month kicking back in Byron Bay.

However some last minute travel plans got thrown in the works when I teamed up with Awesome Adventures Fiji and finally managed to tick Fiji off my travel bucket list which I was heaps stoked for!

Swimming with sharks, manta rays and island hopping for a week was freaking awesome and I’m already planning my return to sample some more of the beautiful Fijian hospitality.

The month finished off a bit crappily though, but I’m sure you all already know about that. Onwards and upwards hey!

So here’s my stat round up for May 2015;


Overland Distance; 741.90km

Flight Distance; 7258.75km

Total Distance; 8,000.65km


backpacker travel fiji yasawa islands hopping budget travel
Island Hopping In Fiji

Countries; Australia, Fiji

Main Spots; Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Kuata Island, Mantaray Island

Transport Taken; boat, car, airport shuttle, speed boat, kayak

Flights – BNE-NAD (Fiji Airways) BNE-PPE (Jetstart and Virgin Australia)


Money Breakdown

Australia – £486.03 over 30 days = £16.98 per day

Fiji – my Fiji trip was in collaboration with Awesome Adventure Fiji so it was free of charge….thought I’d disclose that to keep everything transparent on the site!

Total spent – £486.03 over 30 days = £16.98 per day


barefoot manta ray snorkel fiji yasawa islands awesome adventures
Bouncing Around In Fiji

Cheapest Place – Well given the fact that my Fiji trip was a press trip in conjunction with Awesome Adventures Fiji that was easily the cheapest part of my month!

Most Expensive Place – Airlie Beach was pretty costly but mainly since I was eating out and partying hard! Being based in Byron Bay has kept my spending pretty steady all month though with rent and food, although cooking my own meals means it’s not smashing my budget!

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – I’ve been pretty on the ball with my spending this month and haven’t really had anything major to mess up my budget!


Highlight – Finally ticking Fiji off my travel bucket list was awesome, I’ve waited so long to visit those islands and to be able to swim with sharks and manta rays whilst I was out there was epic! Already planning my return!

Lowlight – Ending up single again. Enough said.


Top Shot

It was so difficult picking a shot this month – it was a tie between a sunset pool shot on the Whitsunday Islands and getting up close and personal with a white tip reef shark in Fiji!

Since you all love sunsets so much I’ve gone with that one…keep an eye out for my Fiji Shark post later this month!

sunset shakka airlie beach whitsundays backpacker travel australia
Not A Bad View!


What’s Next?

Well being single again my travel plans are all up in the air. For the moment though I’m kicking back in Byron Bay for a bit, sorting out my head and figuring out my next plan of attack.

I’ve got good buddies, good weather and good surf on my doorstep here though so Im in no major rush to bounce yet!

I do however have some awesome mini trips in the pipeline for later this month though, pretty stoked for them and I know you guys will love it too!

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