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Mint Tea Madness, The Taste of Morocco

After a slightly delayed and rather cramped Easyjet flight I have landed in Morocco!
Well technically that was a couple days ago so I thought I’d fill you in on what has been happening in my mint tea bubble at the mo…

Que Holiday Mode

After negotiating the notoriously unpredictable Moroccan traffic from Agadir airport me and my travel buddies (a modest group of 8 in total!) headed up the coast to a small surf village by the name of Tamraght.
We were greeted by sunshine and heaps of surf – which is pretty much the staple of this whole trip so far!
Needless to say as soon as we’d transferred our stuff from the cars to the accommodation the boards were reloaded and we hit the beach for a day of surf…which was a solid 3-4foot and without the need for any rubber!

Once we’d retired from the beach it was time to crack on with some ice cold beers on the roof terrace as the sun sank into ocean for the night. Our night sank into a hazy mix of Flag, Morgans Spiced rum and and epic meal of tagine, salads and sweet flat breads – what better way to recover from over 24hours of sleep deprivation?!

Surf, Souk and Mint Tea

Day 2 was an early rise, especially with the repercussions of the previous evening! But boards were still eagerly loaded and a day a Panaramas beach ensued. We befriended the parking attendant (in the loosest possible meaning of the job description) who heaped up plates of freshly cooked fish to help us through another day of surf.

As the heat of the day took it’s toll we decided to head around to Banana Village for the weekly market.
First impressions are always good when you turn a corner to see a local emptying his bowels on the path…I guess sometimes you just have to go when you have to go!
Quickly erasing the mental image from our minds we got stuck into the souk. Once the initial chaos and intensity of haggling Moroccans and masses of market stalls was overcome we decided to wander deep into it – I must admit though I was rather conscious of the fact we were the only foreigners there – but the place was an experience just to witness.
Brightly colored rugs and silver trinkets amongst piles of fresh fruit and veg with the distinct aroma of herbs and spices hanging thick in the air – needless to say it was a photographers delight, but it was a purely discreet off the hip affair!

The evening was finished off with a sunset session at Anchor Point.
We survived the rock jump off but unfortunately my brother was caught out by a rogue wave and tore his surfboard to shreds on his exit from the water – needless to say more rum was in order for the evening.

And so it continues…

And so today after a beautiful morning session at Devils Rock I’m escaping the heat of the day…which is hard when it’s 38 degrees and even the shade leaves you dripping with a lovely mix of suncream and sweat!
But I’m looking out of the window and all I can see is the surf rolling in, I’m sipping mint tea, the foreground is peppered with wild camels and the sound of the mosques call to prayer rings loud…happy days…

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