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Time For A Mini Break To Germany!

After being stuck back in the UK for the last 4 weeks (yeah can you believe it has been that long already?!) I decided I needed a short break and I’ve just hopped on a flight for another mini adventure.

This time however it’s not far flung exotic shores or to sip mojitos in a hammock…nope I’ve just landed in Dusseldorf, Germany!



The reason for my visit is for something I throughout enjoy doing all over the world – to catch up with some of the amazing people I’ve met on the road. I always enjoy catching up with my travel buddies and chatting about amazing times we’ve had in the backpacker bubble and annoying them with all my tales of waves babes and bad decisions!

katrin germany travel buddy
Meet Katrin…

So who am I hoping to catch up with in Germany? 

The main person I’ll be spending the next week with is Katrin – she was one of my close buddies in Byron Bay last year when I stopped over for no couple months. Over the last year we’ve chatted heaps, traded stories, kept each other company and had some seriously good drunken bitching sessions about our exes! I’ll be crashing at her pad doing some blogging work during the day whilst she ploughs on with her law degree and then we’ll hit the town Uni style in the evenings! Should be heaps of chaos knowing her!

Although Katrin is the main reason I’m in Germany I’ve also discovered a few other faces who live nearby that I’ll hopefully get to see too. ..

Anne – one of my fellow work mates at Montanita Spanish School – is hopefully heading down my way for a few beers and maybe some salsa, maybe even joined by another work mate…the aptly nicknamed German Michael.

Also from my time in Ecuador are the crazy German surfers Matthias and Krusty who will hopefully stop by for a beer or two if they can get the time off work!

Finally is the ever lovely Danny who I met on my Similan Islands dive charter in Thailand at the end of last year.

All in all a good group of awesome faces that I’ve met in all corners of the globe!


The Plan

Düsseldorf Germany sunset europe
Not A Bad German Sunset….!

Over the course for the next 7 days there’s no real set plan. I’m at the mercy of Katrins organisational skills (eeeeppppp!) but hopefully we’ll do our best to check out a few places around Dusseldorf, sample some local cuisine and of course sink a few German craft beers in the process.

…it’s less of a backpacking adventure this time, more a general chill with some friends affair, but a good little mini break from the UK which I’m totally in need of. Despite the reasonably good weather, good surf and good company of family and friends I totally need to kick myself back into travel mode in preparation for my next big adventure – which I’ll be announcing next week.

It’s weird how easy it is to slot back into everyday life back in the UK and it’s a feeling and mindset I don’t want to get to caught up in!

Anyway here’s to a week of random times in Germany – hopefully it’ll make for a couple of good blog posts and fill my instagram feed with some new pictures!

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