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Leaving Cairns

So the main residents of Goon Room 121 departed yesterday….and what a mental night that was, summed up in a mash of random wordage is best me thinks;

20 people, terrential rain, box of goon per person, rhino bar + suzie + me + $6 = chaos, swopping clothes for pitchers, running back to 121, crowded room, embarassing convos, more partying, pizza, walks in the rain, breaking into hotel pools, giant whale frog fish thing, warming up, passing out.

The next day the room was a STATE…popcorn all over the floor, passed out bodies, incriminating evidence, naked people, and goon…..goon EVERYWHERE! the girls nearly missed their flight to Perth – waking up literally an hour before their flight. The boys nearly missed their bus, impaired even more by Chris’s accident prone self!hahahaha!

The rest of us mourned the departed and slept off our hangovers :S

That night me and the remaining (Linzi, Suzie, Amy, Claire and The Irish) chilled out in the room waiting for the rain to stop. “Quiet drink”?! well we had enough leftover goon to start a bar…..and so it began. Within an hour a rather intoxicated group of ladies and myself were weraing togas and writing obscene quotes on each other in permenant marker…..and off to the bar we went!

Me (dressed as Jesus!) and my lady disciples partied hard….and i was forced into a stripping competition for $100…..o dear!hahaha!

Not $100 richer (robbed i tells ya!) the partying continued and drunken swimming in the lagoon was had.

Woken up in the morning to a lush fry up cooked by Suzie and co and swimming in my boxers (having packed my boardies!) I enjoyed the last of the Cairns sun before flying to Perth with Linzi.

I’m gonna miss Cairns, a wonderful place where I’ve met a shed load of equally wonderful people, partied even more wonderfully hard and made some incredible memories.

I’ll be back soon…..and already looking forward to the Goon room Sydney reunion and Devon tour :D