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Las Vegas – Go Big Without Blowing The Budget!

Looking for some way to do Las Vegas on a budget? Well check out our locals tips for enjoying Vegas without breaking the bank!

We all the know the saying ‘what happen in Vegas- stays in Vegas”’ which is a slogan everyone tries to live by while partying in the desert, but if you want to get your money’s worth (and not loose it all at the black jack table!) how can you do Las Vegas like a local?


Well luckily Erin has spent a lot of time in Vegas as her Dad used to live there, so she’s agreed to share some tips on how to enjoy this unique destination without making such a big dent in your bank balance!


Fremont Street Experience

If you’ve even been to Thailand and experienced Koh San Road and enjoyed it then Fremont Street is the place for you.

The most cost effective way to spend an entire night is in the Old Town of Vegas. You can soar above Fremont Street on their zip line accompanied by a light show that gives you an out of body experience!

With outside bars, street artists, and major bands playing at the venue, Fremont Street is the perfect place to walk around and people watch and there’s never a dull moment – excitement around every corner!


Drinks & Bars

To save on cash purchase a $25 dollar mile high Eiffel Tower Slushy filled with liquor that will last you all day. In Vegas you’re allowed to walk the streets with liquor which makes transiting from Casinos easier and never need to down your drink!

Penny slots are your friend. If you’re running low on cash head into a casino and start playing some coin slots! Waitresses will come around and you get free drinks just for gambling. Empty the change jar and start drinking!

For live music check out The Flamingo’s Caribbean-themed Margaritaville and enjoy he music flow through you while sipping a frozen Margarita.

The Palms Hotel has the Playboy Bunny themed Club where you can sometimes spot famous celebrities!


Walking around

Fun Fact, if you go to Vegas during the summer spend your days by the pool and start walking around the strip at dusk. Its an amazing experience to watch the sunset while the lights and city come alive around you.

People watching is also incredibly entertaining here too, especially in the later parts of the evening, so grab a bench with your slushie and watch the chaos unfold!


Free Live Shows 

Many Hotels and Casinos have live free shows outside with performances every 20 or 30 minutes! The best ones are;

  • Treasure Island Pirate Show
  • Bally’s Light Show
  • Caesars Palace’s Atlantis Show

So stop by and soak up all the decadence of Las Vegas without even having to spend a penny! Now that’s a huge money saver!


Big Kid Adventures

Not into gambling or partying? No worries! A majority of casinos have epic arcades to play in. Release your inner child and run around that spider-man you won from the claw machine!

Here are a few of my favourite retro arcade sections;

  • New York, New York
  • Excalibur
  • MGM Grand
  • Luxor

All surprising located near each other, so you can easily bounce from one to the other!!

The Luxor offers the Bodies Exhibition which features 13 preserved human bodies and over 260 organs! Fun and exiting for all ages.

Seeking thrills? Check out New York, New York’s Roller Coster!

Fly above the strip on this epic roller coster gliding around the Casinos and streets, way cheaper than a scenic helicopter flight!



Big names pass through Vegas constantly, from The Rolling Stones and ACDC to Brittnay Spears there’s always entertainment to be seen!

If you’re looking for something a little bit more unique check out Circus Du Soleil Featured shows. One of the biggest shows in Vegas its a must see before leaving.

The Blues Man Group is another spectacular show that gets the crowd involved with the performers. Upbeat and dazzling this show is one of the cheaper venues to see.

Okay so these are going to dip into your wallet a bit more, but you’ll certainly be getting way more bang for your buck here than at the slots!


Hotels and Hostels

If you’re truly trying to save on money then hostels are the way to go. Unfortunately there aren’t many hostels in Vegas, however there are two that are chill to stay at. A bit out of town these two hostels will be your best bet (pun intended!)

  • Las Vegas Hostel (roughly $70 a night)
  • Sin City Hostel (roughly $30 a night)

Although these hostels are a bit out of town might it might be worth checking out some budget hotels at the end of the strip too. The North side of the strip has the cheaper hotels that can range from $90 a night to $150.

Sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more and grab a Vegas Hotels for a better convince and be able to stumble home drunkly without worrying about a long walk or costly taxi journey.


Adventures Outside

But what about if you want a detox day and have managed to get yourself out of bed without a hangover?

Red Rock Canyon is a full day hiking adventure outside of the city where beautiful red boulders tower over you while walking through the desert. Make sure to bring lots of water, snacks and a fully charger camera!

If you go to Vegas during the winter check out Lee Canyoning where you can ride down the slopes and grab a beer at the end – a good way to mix nature and chaos!


Yup, Vegas doesn’t have to be a huge budget smasher an the house doesn’t always have to win – you can take the sight and sounds of Las Vegas without the price tag…unless you get sucked into the chaos of it all of course!

But isn’t the half the fun?!

Have you ever been to Vegas?

Any tips you’d like to share?


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