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Wish You Were Here?! Island Hopping & Snorkelling in Palawan, Philippines

Heading to South East Asia? The Philippines should be on your hit list – I’m sure this edit from a day island hopping & snorkelling in Palawan will convince you…

The Philippines is quickly becoming my favourite place to travel in South East Asia – the mix of beaches, islands, surf, diving and low cost of living ticks all the boxes for an awesome place to backpack and travel around.

And it’s rammed full of awesome things to do too – whether it’s swimming with whale sharks, surfing in Siargao or island hopping in Coron however you travel and whatever you like doing on your adventures there’s something to do!

So when Tourism Philippines invited me to come explore some more of what this beautiful country has to offer alongside some other awesome bloggers I jumped at the chance – even though this is my third visit in less than 12 months I’m still as amazed by this country as my first visit.

And what better way to inspire you to visit the Philippines than share 3 minutes of awesome island hopping and snorkelling goodness from my first day in Palawan?!

…yup straight off the flight and into the ocean…that’s how travel should be!

Having teamed up with TomTom to test out the new TomTom Bandit Action Camera I’ve been shooting heaps of video over the last few days, the new “shake to edit” feature means I’ll definitely be creating some more clips of my life on the road – this entire edit took me less than 15mins to put together just using their app!

Admittedly I took some extra time on iMovie with the map and credits but still that’s epic, especially given my complete lack of experience with video!

…keep an eye out for more footage and my review of the TomTom Bandit which I’ll be posting soon – but I’m already hooked!

If you’re keen to check out some epic island hopping in Palawan check out One Life Adventures and their epic 10 day Philippines Adventure…which includes heaps of Palawan goodness!


tomtom bandit action camera video review

Shot and edited with the new TomTom Bandit Action Camera #TomTomBandit


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