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Invincible Gap Year Travel Syndrome

I’m sure other bloggers have experienced it. I’m sure other travellers have too. I’ve had it a few times.

I’m talking about the RTWsoon Syndrome.

Nothing to Loose

It’s a strange phenomenon that I find myself once again affected by. It’s a mere 5 weeks until I jump on a plane again for a prolonged period of time and I’ve found myself walking round in an air of invincibility.

Theres something about knowing that you’re leaving soon and not coming back in the near future which allows you to feel pretty smug – and rightly so, you’ve faced the obstacles and are off living your dream.

But it also bring with it a strange limbo in which you can take risk, speak your mind, make mistakes – for you know that time is a brilliant healer and is also forgetful…and time is now firmly on your side.

What I’m taking about is the fact at the moment I can go out in a limb with my emotions, safe in the knowledge that if I make a complete d*ck of myself that by the time I get round to returning to the UK all will be forgotten.

Not only that but I can pick myself up quickly and distract myself in a haze of drunken backpacker chaos! Well that’s the hope anyway!

Double Edged Sword

It’s an odd situation to be in.
It’s quite empowering actually. But it needs to be used wisely. You could use it to clear up the doubt in your life, the what ifs.

Tell that hot guy or girl you like them, what do you have to loose?!
On the other hand you could abuse it and be damn outright reckless, get wasted drunk and turn yourself into a walking liability.

I did the latter last time I went away and the few months before I jetted to Oz were glorious chaos!
But by the time I got back everything had settled and all was well again.

This time is slightly different. I’m leaving under pretty similar circumstance but with a completely different mindset. I’m leaving with alot of things on my mind and with alot of things unsaid.

So I’m using the opportunity to air something that should’ve been addressed a while ago and get alot of things of my chest and out there in the open.

There’s an email in my drafts folder that should’ve been sent weeks ago.

So time to put my money where my mouth is yet again and take my own advice.

What’s the worse that could happen?!

You should live life never regretting anything that made you smile and I’m sure the fact that I took a risk and at least tried will mean whatever the outcomes I can head out n the backpacker trail with no baggage except the stuff in my rucksack.

…well that’s the theory anyway!