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I’m Healed!

It’s taken nearly 6 months, but finally all the mosquito bite I incurred whilst campervanning the West Coast have healed up.

Yes you heared that right – 6 MONTHS!

Basically I got bitten rather a lot whilst heading up from Perth to Darwin – BACK IN NOVEMBER 2009! Combine that with dirt, dust, suncream and a lot of sweat and you have the recipe for infection.


Oh yeah and I may have scratched them a little!LOL!

I’d like to pass this lesson on to people – DON’T SCRATCH YOUR MOZZIE BITES!

No matter how god it may feel!

I have a few pretty good scars to remind me of this all over my legs and ankles – not something I’d really advise!

The worst of which were on my knee and inside of my ankles, they were a beast to get healed. By the time I got to Sydney they were a bit of a mess, actually that’s rather an understatement!

When I met the lovely Sara at Wakeup she freaked out a little! Luckily she’s one of the NHS’s finest and promptly marched me to the pharmacist to get some ointment and cleaned it all up for me.

However that was back in JANUARY!

Since then I’ve knocked them, re knocked them,  ripped a couple clean off on a car door and possibly scratched them a little more…I’m a boy…I can’t help it…but I’m sure living in a van again didn’t help too much either!

But since I’ve been surfing a lot again they’ve slowly healed. Except one on my left ankle which has basically been a nasty open wound until about 3 days ago. That had to have a helping hand from the lovely ladies of St Johns Ambulance at Bluesfest who cleaned it right up a couple of times during the course of the festival and bandaged it too!

It’s all healed now though!

A word of advice –  if you’re thinking of campervanning or hitting anywhere tropical pack your bug spray and apply it liberally – the more Deet content the better. As my Dad says – prevention is always better than cure.

Safe travels kids!

Again muchos thanks to Miss Sara Quinn, the St Johns ladies and Kez for helping me out!

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