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HOSTEL REVIEW: Coffee Palace (by Kerri)

In the first off her guest posts Kerri Finlayson reviews Coffee Palace in Melbourne – it’s brutally honest and a word of warning…

Where do I begin?

My experience here was awful.

Possibly the worst hostel I have ever stayed at.

The kitchen area always looked messy and unorganized. There were never any utensils available, and if they were free to use, they were always dirty. The fridges looked as though they hadn’t been cleaned since they were installed. The sofas in the communal area were dingy and smelly… which brings me onto the dorm rooms. Greeted by a stinking corridor, the dorm room I stayed in was full of mess. The “cleaners” just swept around the mess, not batting an eyelid or even thinking to tell people to tidy their own mess. I slept on the top bunk, which was thankfully a new mattress, and had my backpack at the foot of my bed in fear of something crawling over my stuff! One of the girls was convinced she heard a mouse crawling around during the night! At night, the long timers made such a racket, management just didn’t seem to care. And I think I’d prefer not to talk about the toilets… I’ll leave that to your imagination!!!

Cleanliness – 0/5

Facilities – 0/5

Atmosphere – 0/5

Value For Money -0/5

[The original article – along with Kerri’s blog – can be found at http://kezsta.wordpress.com]