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Hiking Adventures – Fuerteventura and Africa

Fuerteventura is part of the Canary Island archipelago and is the closest of the cluster to the African coast, with just 100km separating the Punta de la Entallada (the Entellada lighthouse) and Cape Juby in Morocco.  It’s the second largest of the islands, after Tenerife, and it has some fantastic features to offer anyone keen on sun, sea and a fantastic hiking adventure.

While Fuerteventura has some incredible beachscapes, the island is largely made up of rock and stone thanks to it volcanic past. This makes it the perfect place for hikers to head to. Regardless of your experience level, there are dozens of different experiences to take advantage of here. If you’re considering a walking trip, try to avoid going in the summer – temperatures can reach highs of up to 28°C. Early spring is the perfect time to go for holidays in Fuerteventura, with heat levels at a much more manageable 21°C. Still, it’s best to make sure you carry plenty of fluid with you if you’re out on a trek, as well as that other obvious outdoor companion, sunblock!

The local government has invested a lot of money over the past few years into improving the coastal walks on offer around Fuerteventura. There’s a cool Crater Walk from Lajares to Corralejo, on which you follow a rough jeep track through the mountains, going from volcano to volcano. Walking all the way to Corralejo takes about two hours in total, though you might like to choose a different path on the way and head for Montana Colorada, where you can enjoy some stunning views of northern Fuerteventura.

Obviously good hiking boots are essential, so if you’re already on your trip and you don’t have any with you, you should definitely invest before you head out. Obviously you’re trying to save as much luggage space as possible, but it would really ruin your time there if you messed your feet up on the first day!

As mentioned, the island is really close to the African coast, so if you’d been considering it, why not make your holiday in Fuerteventura into a holiday in Africa while you’re at it? Passenger ferries for up to 510 people are available from Puerto Del Rosario to Tarfaya in Morocco and take just under four hours.

Over in Morocco you can carry on your hiking holiday, with some great walks through this beautiful and historic country. The high atlas region near Marrakesh offers incomparable scenery and a chance for visitors to see the Berber way of life up close. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart though, with some startlingly steep routes along the pathways. But at least those walking boots will come in handy again!