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Help Save Byrons Fave Surf School!

My good friend Jimmy sent me a link from my beloved Byron
Bay today – it contained news that made me slightly sad. Byrons top
surf school – Kool Katz – is under immediate threat of

Now I’ve had personal dealings with owner Terry, he’s a
genuine guy, a great laugh and one of the most stoked surfers I’ve
met for a long time. He’s spent many years (if not decades)
teaching the hordes of backpackers who descend on Byron how to
surf, he does it with a smile, for a bargain price and with the
added bonus of “surf for 40 metres or get another lesson free” –
now thats a business that puts it’s money where it’s mouth is! But
it seems the local council have imposed a cap on the amount of surf
schools it’s willing to tolerate – and as such are charging and
limiting licenses to operate. Kool Katz applied – but it seems this
small, family run business were out bided. More worryingly one of
the businesses who have forced Kool Katz against the ropes aren’t
even established! So I encourage you all to take a couple of
minutes to sign the petition below calling for the council to
re-open the investigation into how the tender was operated and how
it investigated the subsequent claims Kool Katz brought up
regarding the process. A couple of minutes that could save a gem of
Byrons tourism trade and help a unique member of Australias surf
For more info on Kool Katz and Terry check out their site:

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