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Happy Australia Day!

It’s that time of year again – the cork hats are being dug out, the Tooheys is in the esky, the BBQ’s are warming up and the whole neighbourhood is heading to the beach.

That’s right – January 26th is Australia Day!

And down under it’s pretty much on par with xmas day. Friends and family get together, crack open and ice cold bevvie and have a proper Aussie party :)

I have a feeling this year will be especially poignant in the aftermath of the Queensland and Victoria floods (you can donate to the relief efforts HERE), Australia needs to heal and in the land down under that always involves a good catch up, letting your hair down and sampling a whole feast of musical treats.

So here’s to the land down under – cheers for the memories and I’ll be back before you know it :)

….for now I have the memories of my Australia day on St Kilda Beach in Melbourne – a short and sweet post written in a post party hangover – such is the life of a travel blogger!

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