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Guayaquil – City Life, South American Style

Ecuador was a very spontaneous travel decision – it came about as part of my university degree. Basically I had decided that I was going to use my final brief as an excuse to get some sun and some warm waves under the guise of documenting Eco surfing.
After a chance meeting I found my story and booked flights to a country I knew nothing about in a continent I’d never visited – 2 weeks before I headed out!


I flew into the city of Guayaquil – the capital of southern Ecuador and slightly smaller than it’s counterpart in the north, Quito.

Guayaquil is a bustling city which came across as a fusion of American ideology mixed with south American flare.

After a mission of a flight (which included 3 transfers and numerous airport transit time) I booked myself into a hotel to relax and gather my thoughts.
A complimentary Mojito later and jet lag kicked in and I passed out for the night!

Nice and refreshed the next morning I got up brit and early to explore the city.
It was rather bizarre to be in such a concrete environment that had a jungle backdrop and all the exotic birds that accompany it.
The air was humid and thick with the smog of commercialization, but it was an enjoyable place to stroll around.
I’m not a city person at the best of times but I can’t say Guayaquil was majorly daunting.

A quick stroll along the snaking river and I found myself in the shadow of the Cathedral and an open space which had a hint of central park about it.
I turned up just in time to witness a man with an industrial sized load of lettuce empty it across a grass knowle.
Within second the trees erupted with movement…literally hundreds of iguanas were descending for meal time!
The floor turned into a writhing mass of green scaled, tails and claws much to the delight of all the backpackers who obviously hadn’t planned to be involved in all the commotion!

Unfortunately my time in the city was limited so I didn’t acquaint myself with it to the extent I would have wished (it is however being pencilled into the South America leg of my next RTW trip) and I spent the rest of the morning exploring some of the many stalls, markets and sites of the city before navigating my way around the central bus station before heading for the coast…

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