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Gap Year Planning; Kit List

Once you’ve decided where you’re heading, how you’re getting there and how you’ll be carrying your life around you’ll need to start deciding what you actually need to take with you!

When preparing for my trip to Oz I passed a kit list – a kit list which had originated sometime before it got to me, had been rewritten, edited, edited some more and then I added and took away some additional items.

And now the time has come to pass this trusty list onto you guys to help with your trip. It’s by no means perfect, exhaustive and some of it will be completely irrelevant to some people and destinations. But it’s a great list from which to start your planning. Build on it, hack it down and remember to pass it on!

A quick rule of thumb though – lay out everything you think you need to take with you.

Then half it!

Also be prepared to dummy pack your bag on a few occasions, don’t leave it until the last minute because you’ll never be able to repack it or find what you’re looking for. Your bag is going to be the lifeblood of your travels – make sure you know what goes where and that you have a little extra room to add to it along the way.



Plane Tickets

Visa documents

Insurance documents

Driving license


Copy of my CV (if on WHV)

(back up with scans on email account)

Useful stuff to have;

Guide books/map

Head torch

Water bottle


Pack of cards

Plug adapters

Camera + Memory Cards + Charger + Card reader

Phone (unlocked) + Charger

Laptop + Charger

First aid kit (plasters, antiseptic, bandage, sling, tweezers, sealed needles + syringe)

Insect Repellent


Closed top shoes x 1pair

Flip flops x 1pair

Boxers x 5

Socks x 2pairs

T-shirts x 5

Boardies x 2

Shorts x 1

Trousers x 1pair

Hoody x 1

Light waterproof coat x 1

Sunglasses x 1pair

Beach towel






Nail clippers


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