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From Devonian To Byronian

So over the last few weeks of my travels I’ve been emailing my CV off pretty relentlessly and trawling the job sites.

The fact is my money is running rather low and after 6 months of not working the time has come to get earn some dollar.

The original plan was to set myself up in Brisbane. Get a job. Get a house/room in a house. Earn muchos money. Surf at the weekends. And await the arrival of Jimmy.

The plan from there was to set me and jim and kez up with a place, all work rather relentlessly, weekend trips to Byron and Noosa and then travel after about 3months.

That plan has now gone out of the window!

After Bluesfest I clocked a sign advertising for staff in Brisbane and Byron.

So iI rang with the intention of going for the Brisbane job – turns out the Brisbane job was ladies only…for a strip club!

However I enquired further about the Byron job. It was a work for accommodation number in a campsite I’d never heard of. But beggars not being chooser I decided to head over and check out what the deal was, what the site was like and go from there.

Turns out the job was a doddle – 30mins camp kitchen cleaning in the morning followed by emptying the bins for 30mins mid afternoon.

What was even better was the campsite was in the centre of town, immaculate and came with all the amenities you could ask for (wireless, pool, laundry….)

So when Graham (the owner) asked what we wanted to do it was a bit of a no brainer – saving over $200 per week on campsite fees and with plenty of the day to surf and with loads mates already in Byron.

Even if I’m only here a few weeks it’ll be worth the while.

But the new plan is to keep this work and try and get a promo/bar/any kind of other job alongside it.

…plus I get to drive a tractor

…and The Pass and The Wreck are within walking distance.

I think its safe to say I’m living to Devonian Dream!

Roll on the next few months of partying, surfing and beach side living :)