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Flight Cancellations – What Can You Do?!

There’s a few key things that can really mess up your travel plans, stuff every backpacker wants to avoid, but things that if you’ve planned for in advance can be heaps less hassle.

I’m talking about thing like sorting travel insurance so if you get injured you aren’t struggling to find thousands of dollars to get treated, or making copy of your passport and emailing them to yourself incase it gets lost or stolen.

One of the things many travellers have no clue about though is if your flights get cancelled – that dreaded feeling when the red text flicks up next to your flight number and your eagerly anticipated adventure comes to a grinding halt…


Travel Insurance

The easiest option to help out in this situation is travel insurance – when you’re picking out what to purchase sometimes cheaper isn’t always the best, in fact it rarely is!

A lot of travel insurance policies cover flight cancellation, so make sure you know how much it covers for and if yours has it to start with, that way if everything hits the fan you at least have some clue of where to get started!


backpacker travel plans australia new zealandOnward Flights

One of the worst feelings about cancelled or even delayed flights is the fact you might have a connection which you’re now going to miss…which really sucks!

An easy way to make this less hassle is to try and get all your flights ticketed with a single airline – that way it’s then down to them to get you on the next available flight and all your connections are with them, so they have to get everything sorted! This actually happened to me in the Philippines when my flight was cancelled out of Siargao because of bad weather. Luckily my connecting flight was with the same airline so they quickly refunded me all my money and put me on the next flight…WINNING!


If It All Hits The Fan

In the worst case scenario you might be right up the creek, for some reason your airline is being stubborn, you cant get answers or you simply have no clue where you stand in regards to refunds, onward flights and of course money.

If it all hits the fan there are companies like FlightRight who take over on your behalf. These kinds of companies are great when your cancellation has left you out of pocket or in a sticky situation as they know all the legality that airlines hope you don’t – so they’re always worth considering!


Have you ever had a flight cancelled and been left high and dry? Any advice you’d share?

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