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Exploring the UK – Cardiff

Exploring the UK – Cardiff

I’ve completely neglected exploring the UK on this site – it’s a bit of a shame really because it has a lot to offer!

One of my favourite places to head out too is Cardiff in Wales. I went to uni just down the road in Newport, so I spent quite a bit of time exploring and partying in the Welsh capital. It’s also where heaps of my uni buddies now live so I’m constantly jumping on a train for some good party times – like a mini stay cation!

Cardiff is a pretty sweet town when it comes to live music and partying. The student union host all manner of amazing bands and events, and some of the best gig experiences I’ve had have been there. Top of the gig pile though is the Millennium stadium – if you get the chance to see anyone there take it, the venue is amazing and it hosts the likes of Foo Fighters right through to X Factor winners!

Looking Around in the Bay

The nightlife is sure to keep you entertained – Metros is always a good shout, with super cheap doubles with a mixer (they used to be 99p!) and free toast when you leave! Welsh club is good fun too, with a whole host of music to bust some shapes too!

And if you just fancy some good food and people watching the Prince of Wales is a great place to relax with friends or a good meeting point close to the bus and train station.

It’s not all about the partying though – get down to Cardiff Bay where the waterfront setting is a great place to kick back and relax, and there’s heaps of good places to eat out. Perfect for a sunny day or lazy Sunday arvo!

If you’re heading that way make sure you book a hotel in Cardiff in advance, especially over big events like the rugby! The Ibis Hotel, Cardiff Gate is a great central place to explore the city from.

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