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Explore the UK – Top 5 Places in the Midlands

The Midlands has much to offer visitors or all ages and tastes.  Easily accessible from all areas of the country, it’s a great place to visit for a day, a weekend or a longer break. To help you decide what to do while you’re there, here are the top five places to visit in the Midlands


1. Ironbridge

The Ironbridge Gorge was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution 300 years ago, and this incredible valley is still amazing visitors today. With the world’s first cast iron bridge built over the River Severn in 1779, and ten museums spread along its banks, the Gorge is now celebrating 25 years as a World Heritage Site. Restaurants, cafes, unique shops and a great choice of accommodation mean Ironbridge is a tourist haven in Shropshire and is a must-see when visiting the Midlands.


2. Alton Towers

Everyone loves to let their hair down now and again – and what better place to do it than Alton Towers, the UK’s biggest theme park. With thrilling rides including Nemesis, Oblivion, Air and Th13teen, you can get your adrenaline pumping while having fun with family and friends. You can also enjoy rides for kids, a Sea Life centre and a huge range of great places to eat and drink. Alton Towers also has a waterpark and two fantastic themed hotels if you wanted to extend your stay.


3. Cadbury World

This is a must for chocolate fans, but is a great attraction even if you’re not a great eater of cocoa. Discover the origins of chocolate, find out how it’s made, go on the magical Cadabra ride and visit the world’s largest Cadbury store. There are fourteen zones to explore, from the ‘Aztec Jungle’ to ‘Advertising Avenue’ and the ‘Essence and Children’s Playground’. If you want to visit chocolate heaven, then Cadbury World is the place to go.


4. Warwick Castle

You can experience 1000 years of fascinating history at Warwick Castle, including great battles, ancient myths, spellbinding tales, princesses, knights and more. There are 10 indoor attractions including the Castle Dungeons, where you can see decaying bodies, torture implements, execution and ‘the labyrinth of lost souls’. The Dragon Tower, an attraction inspired by the BBC series ‘Merlin’, will transport you to the heart of Camelot. And of course the Castle itself has much to offer, including lessons in castle warfare and a taste of Victorian high society.


5. West Midland Safari Park

A trip to the Midlands would not be complete without a visit to the safari park. With a drive through safari, walk through attractions, shows and thrill rides, there’s something for visitors of all ages. Animals to see include lemurs, meerkats, reindeer, tigers, cheetahs, white lions, sea lions and penguins – to name just a few! Rides include Wild River Rafting, the Rhino Rollercoaster and the Twister Coaster. For something more sedate, you can the Jungle Swings or the Congo Carousel.

The best way to get to the Midlands from around the country is by train. With easy access to city centres and all the main tourist attractions, train travel allows you to get to your destination easily and sit back and relax along the way. You can find great train fares in many places, but the cheapest train tickets are available online. You can also reserve your seat online, giving you peace of mind as well as a comfortable and convenient journey.

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