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Doing the manly thing

I’m back in Byron now – met up with some old travel chums in the form of Toby and Georgie from Canberra and Nick from Cairns.

The last few days have been spent doing the hunter gatherer thing, true backpacker style.

Running low on cash and with a fishing rod and hand spear in the boot of the van me and the boys thought we might as well take advantage of the plentiful waters of Cape Byron and catch us some free dinner!

So off to Belongi beach we went…a few small ones were caught and dutifully thrown back in. It was all looking to promising – until two coppers decided that we weren’t allowed to fish there. Being the law abiding citizens we are we packed off and headed elsewhere.

Although later it turned out the cops were actually the misinformed ones and had misread the fishing regulations – something we took great amusement in passing on the their sarge!hahaha!

Anyhow, I digress.

The next few days were spent round at Little Watego, spear fishing bait fish in the rock pools and hurling our lines out towards the bommies off the rocks.

We managed to catch enough to feed ourselves – some good sized Dart fish were BBQ’s up with some wedges and salad on the beach front one night under a lush sunset and a few cold beers.

The next day the same entailed – this time some sweet chili Sea Bream was boshed out on the beach…tasty treats all round :)

And in between the girls topped up their tans and me and Nick scored a few cheeky sunset surfs at Watego.

Life is good…

…next stop Bluesfest!

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