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Doing the Man Thing

Over the last few days I’ve been forced – due to lack of fundage – to actually do some masculine type work!

After putting my beloved van “Leslie” on the market I had to get a safety check for some potential new owners. Unfortunately he failed!

But on closer inspection and with the help of my mate Damo we realised that things weren’t that bad and the fixation quote of $1500 was more a mechanic taking liberties with a backpacker than neccessity!
So despite my father trying his best to teach me and get me into maintaining my own cars it was pure desperation and the need to save mucho dollar that finally saw me underneath a car, degreasing sumps and what not!

In the end I spent $30 on degreaser,new windscreen wipers,a bulb, and some sealant. That plus some technical knowledge and a lot of help from my friends means I’ve potentially saved ALOT of hard earnt cash :)

…although I’ll have to buy Damo a slab as a thank you!

And I’ve learnt slot too – which is always a bonus!

The only thing to do now is wire brush down the surface rust on the A frame and resubmit it for another check. And hopefully it’ll pass and allow me to sell my van with a clear conscious and some good karma for fixing it up.

It definitely pays to befriend people with a trade behind them – you never know when it’ll help you out. It’s also a slight word of warning to backpackers to be aware that people are aware of your ignorance – my mechanic seemed to be tater anal about small things, and needlessly so.

DIY is the way forward!

*fingers crossed for the next test*