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canon come see detail campaign powershot g7x

All In The Detail – Canon Come And See

In my final collaboration with Canon and their “Come & See” Campaign I delve into the finer details of two of my favourite possessions…


canon come see detail campaign powershot g7xFor my final creative collaboration with Canons “Come and See” Campaign (my first one being a short video and the second about my travel inspired tattoos) they asked me to explore finer details of an object which has significant meaning to myself.

Given my distinct lack of personal possessions I obviously didn’t have much to choose from – there was however one thing that instantly sprung to mind, an item I use on a daily basis and that is fundamental to my lifestyle as a travel blogger; my my laptop.

As a tool for expression, communication and business this two device allows me to work on the road, blog and keep in touch with my friends and family wherever I am. In this respect I have a large fondness for it and what it allows me to do.

But as a creative I also have a huge soft spot for its finer details, the craftsmanship, design and way I’ve customised it to fit my own personal needs.

Needless to say the Canon G7X was instantly switched to macro mode to get up close and personal with an item that is usually used at arms length!



Clean and Simple


I’ll oust the elephant in the room straight off by announcing that yes – my laptop is an Apple Macbook Pro – however for me this is an exploration into the design and aesthetic of the product itself rather than being about the brand!

canon come see detail campaign powershot g7x

For me my laptop is the result of a refined beauty, of time spent on the look as well as the function.

With my laptop the smooth, curved edges bridge the gap between technology and fashion – it’s an intensely powerful machine, yet has a softened appearance that isn’t daunting…if anything, it’s inviting.

The polished aluminium uni body creates a flawless shell to the computer and the use of a black inlay breaks up the space age shell whilst still retaining the sophisticated, professional look of the machine.

It’s clear that although it looks beautiful it still means business!

Both through a need for an additional function and need to personalise it amongst the many other laptops mine also now has a splash of colour across the keyboard. This is a result of destroying my last one with a cup of tea but now also imposes my own personality onto what would otherwise be a generic canvas.

It’s curves, be to be touched and the finish has a refined feel – not as industrial as polished metal which would feel cold and robotic, it’s almost as if no one informed it that it was a metal!

The light up Apple logo provides a distinctive yet playful touch – it interrupts the casing in an almost light hearted way which signals that although it’s a machine for work it’s here to have some fun too!



canon come see detail campaign powershot g7xFor me though the greatest detail is the customisation – which I already touched upon briefly.

Although as a device it’s mass produced it soon becomes saturated with the personality of the owner through cases, screensavers and app icons.

In much the same way that phone home screen now offers an insight into my lifestyle – with folder labelled “travel”, “social media” and “blogging”, my laptop offers both subtle and blunt reflections of my life.

Along the left a neat column of icons – this time unlabelled – but to the creative eye or fellow blogger they’re the signature application icons of any hard working laptop…the distinguishable presence of Skype, Lightroom and Photoshop.

All of which sit under the still ever present mail icon, which keeps a constant reminder of my location-independant lifestyle with the email icon begging for attention with it’s ever alluring red count of unread mail.

The home screen itself is another big splash of blue, with my sites header taking up it’s entirety – there’s no mistaking who owns this! Icons arranged neatly on the right offer yet more insight to the main elements of my work flow, “blog posts”, “Be Shades” and “RTW Pics” alongside more general “EGY Files” and “BackpackerBanter”


All In The Details


The joy of the detail in the item I’ve chosen is the fact that it’s a mixture of predetermined and personality, a beautiful collision of both.

On one side there’s the result of years of work, craftmanship and design by Apple, yet they’re now on equal par with my own flare and input. There is no real divide, they both flow into one another.

At the end of the day that’s what great design and a great product should be – an extension of the user. It should improve the job being done without taking all the credit for it.

The same can be said about the Canon Powershot G7X I shot these pictures with. It’s beautifully designed and is a powerful device, yet it can easily be customised to suit the needs of the user. Within a few clicks it goes from factory rollout to a powerful tool of expression, neatly and precisely tailored to and by the person who uses it.


This is a collaborative post in conjunction with Canon Europe as part of their “Come and See Campaign” which you can follow using the #comeandsee

canon logo g7x come see campaign

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